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Does anyone else get cracking noise?


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When I fast forward sky while listening through my amp, (only DD) then I press play I have an extremeley loud crackling noise which cant be doing my speakers any favours. Then there is no sound so I have to switch amp of then on to regain soundPhill:confused
This happens only on the amplifier (Pioner AX10) when Dolby Digital is on amp. Never happens to sound from tv.


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Happens to me a lot but I just assumed it was down to a cheap optical cable. Never realised it was a known issue.


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This problem is definitely a software/firmware problem with the HD box. It has occurred with (my) three boxes after the box has downloaded software from sky for anytime. There was no problem with each box before this happened.

Sky have known about this for 6 months. Initially they showed concern but nothing has happened since. Pioneer are also aware and similarly have not come up with a solution.

Basically in order to watch sky I have to switch the amp to another source before starting/forwarding/pausing/rewinding a HD programme. The signal to my projector is switched by the amp which means that each time I do this it loses the signal and resets, a process that lasts 30 seconds or so. This makes watching HD stuff on the projector almost impossible and on my LCD screen difficult.

"pressuring" sky does not seem to have worked I'm not sure what you have to do to get them to sort it, Ultimately there may be only a few people that connect their HD box to this £2000 amp and providing we keep paying the sub perhaps they don't really care.........................

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