does anybody use a soundbar for tv/films and stereo music?

Discussion in 'Soundbars, Soundplates & Soundbases' started by dimmockg, Feb 12, 2014.

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    as per the subject really, what I am really after knowing or gaining a better understanding of is a soundbar's performance for a stereo music set up - naturally I assume a dedicated amp / speaker set up will be better. However my circumstances maybe changing (moving) and I may not be able to have or accommodate a stereo set up.

    I currently have a vortex box, as music source, linked to squeezebox touch then amp / speakers

    I am thinking of ditching the amp and speakers and replacing with a sonos play bar or similar - assuming stereo performance is better than decent. If it offered, say 75% - 80% of what my current set up offered then I reckon I could go for it.

    I'd keep the vortexbox (wired to router) as this is my media hub. I'd then have the TV as the "switch" with blu ray hdmi in going via the optical out to the sonos

    The squeezebox can go via RCA out to RCA in (tv) then via optical out to the sonos


    The vortexbox has sonos software / app installed and can be used to pick a zone - hence being able to pick the playbar.

    So I think all I need to know, would be if anybody used a playbar as stereo and what it offered?

    As well as confirming I have it right in respect of BDP through hdmi (to tv) then optical out to playbar?

    The TV is a Sony KDL-46NX713


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