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Does anybody stll use their minidisc player?


Established Member
I gave my daughter my Sony MZN1 today and aftr explaining the basics I am still amazed on how good it sounds. Pity we have to rely on Sonicstage for transferring music, otherwise I would be tempted to take it back from her:rolleyes:

KJ Palmer

Established Member
Absolutely, I'm still a huge minidisc fan, and use my MZ-NHF800 (the Hi-MD with AM/FM tuner) pretty much every day, and have a few 'backup units'. Armed with a few 1GB discs it's all that's needed for the commute, and the sound quality is indeed fantastic.

Still haven't succumbed the the iPod craze, though I have tried a few MP3 players including Creative's Zen, but MD still does it for me, and I can't keep myself from making a new compilation once in a while. Even Sonicstage 4.3 (on Vista) seems fairly well behaved. So I'll probably keep on using them till they break down.


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My MDZ500 has been sitting in a cupboard for about 3 years unused, but you are right they do sound very good. But my Zen Touch and now Iriver are too convienient and made it useless.


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Use mine regularly for making audio recording, concerts and stuff (my daughter's mainly). Hooked up to a Sony DAT Mic the quality of recording is superb for such a tiny machine.


Senior Moderator
Got an old Sharp minidisc somewhere stored away which indeed had excellent SQ that in my honest opinion still hasn't been at least matched yet in the new 'digital' age

Alas with flash memory dropping in price and the market heading that way (we have gone from 8gb 2006 -> 16gb 2007 being affordable) and the convenience afforded with collections stored on a PC, I won't be returning to MD
I had a Panasonic SJMJ50 (or something close to that) that I sold recently, used it all the time through college, cost me £150 new :eek:

was the thinnest available at the time, very nice little bit of kit

upgraded to a Sony NW-A3000 (20Gb) and now onto my Nokia phone (8Gb)

Still got a Sony mini Hi-Fi with Minidisc on it, and some older minidiscs that rarely get played now. Almost as nostalgic as getting out some vinyls :rotfl:

Van Dam

Distinguished Member
I wouldn't use anything else. ;) My pride and joy is a DH10P which I recently sourced from CEX. This is the best Walkman I've owned yet as it has a built-in 1.3mp camera and I polish it every day LOL.

I also have an NH1 as a spare and my RH1 is hooked up to my main hi-fi.

I also have a couple of spare MD players which, although both faulty, I can still use for a very good purpose. Not many people know this but portable MD players, even ones with recording faults, can make excellent DACs.

I have a faulty R37 connected to my Iscan video processor and is used soley as a DAC for the audio to my TV's speakers.

Basically it's on record pause 24/7 and if it wasn't for the MD player acting as a DAC, I would have to route the audio through my main hi-fi first before I could deliver it to my speakers on the TV. So in this respect, I use one of my MD players everythime I switch on my TV, which is everyday.

Long live MD I say. :)


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I used to love my Sony Minidisc recorder, I remember when they first came out and went to the Sony shop in Northampton and spent £250 on it. Can't for the life of me remember what the model was, think it ended in 30 and was a long one not the later square ones.

I recently bought a Sony MZ-G750 amazing little thing, FM radio, use it a lot more than I should seeing I spent £270 on a Touch a couple of months ago.


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Does anybody stll use their minidisc player?

Yes! though not really by choice :)

My HD5 stopped working just last week (same problem as here). I've ordered a replacement HDD and in the meantime have gone back to using my MZ-R90. It still works great fine almost 8 years - definitely more reliable than my HD5! It also looks cool, feels solid to use (especially the satisfying clack when ejecting a disc), and sounds great. :smashin:


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