Does anybody own a Toshiba SD270E?

ian dem

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Hi all,i've ordered the above dvd player as my old sony home cinema has took the knock!! :thumbsdow
Do you know if a sound system of any sort i.e.speakers/sub can be connected to it? I dont have the cash at the mo to purchase an "all in one" system so am looking to have a half decent sound system to tide me over until next year when i hope to buy a flat panel & home cinema ;).

Any suggestions? Please dont hesitate to ask if i haven't given enough info etc

Thank you,Ian


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hi Ian,
im also looking to order this one. have you recieved yours yet?
what's the quality like?

ian dem

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Hi ayubars,it's not getting delivered until 2moro (tuesday) so i'll let you know. :smashin:


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I’ve had a SD270E for a few weeks and think it is great. They appear to be getting more difficult to get hold of though :(.


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Mate, i'd go for this...

Toshiba SD370E HDMI / Upscaler / DVD Player

I've got one and for the money you cant go wrong and you wont find any better. It upscales well too, (720p being slightly better than 1080i) and there is a multiregion hack on this very forum too...

Bargain :thumbsup:

ps I've heard this is good too, but never seen it, personally, in action



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Had an unusual experience with my SD270E this weekend. I burnt quite a large DVD of MP3s this weekend in several sub directories. I’ve found that some of the later directories appear blank. I suspect this is to do with the size of array/memory allocated to indexing the MP3s on any particular disk.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Also does anyone know if the SD370E has the same problem?

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