Does Any One Remember These Programs?


I’m looking for some information on these programs:
One was a series on the BBC called the Mask Of Janus and was originally called The Spies and stared Dinsdale Landen as the hero of the stories and his enemy opposite number (not to sure on this) was called Kopick and was played by Peter Arne (who nearly always played villains). I have looked under the above titles and under the stars names on but nothing is listed.
I too seem to remember two separate stories staring Dinsdale Landen and a solicitor/barrister whose pastime was fencing (the type with the swords) cracking sinister plots these were shown on a Saturday evenings on ITV.
Also there use to be a series of separate stories on the BBC a Friday night called The Detectives the theme music was very good to say the least and was by Ron Grainer but alas I can find no information that as well.


On The Detectives, do you mean the one with Jasper Carrot and Robert Powell? :)


Originally posted by Sgt.Colon
On The Detectives, do you mean the one with Jasper Carrot and Robert Powell? :)
No it was long before that. It was an anthology series, different stars and characters each week. And was serious series a bit like The Rivals Of Sherlock Homes but that was on the ITV and this was the BBC.


It was the other way round. 'Mask of Janus' was made in 1965 and led to the more ambitious 'The Spies' in 1966. Dinsdale Landen was an ambassador/diplomat type who got involved in all sorts of skullduggery...


Thank for that I’m glad I did not imagine it, do you know where I can get further info on them I even think the theme tune to The Spies was good but cannot fully recall it did the first few bars start of like Department S?

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