Does any one play games on the big screen



I've been runinng my PS2 through my PJ a sanyo PLV-550b via S-video. Is this the best way to connect it. The PJ doesn't have component. Is there a way of running it via VGA. I thought about getting a pro V and running the PS2, DVD, NTL box and VCR into a scart switcher then into the ProV would this work to give me a better picture than using an s-video through the amp. Any ideas.


Just a bit cheaper, and for me, better, is a keene synchblaster lead. It converts RGB scart to RGB VGA. Straight from plug to plug. Various lengths available. John Sim also does a little box that does the same, at least as good. Drawback is it's not compatible with all PJ's, you need to check your manual, it needs to be able to handle a HORIZONTAL synch frequency of 15.625khz, that in fo should be in your manual. Lots of screens and PJ's can only do 30khz or more. With a scart switch, you'd have the best connection available this side of an iscan, which is a £700 line doubler. As to playing games on a PJ, it would be rude not to!


Why not buy a VGA box? I have one for my Dreamcast and picture is superb on my Sanyo PLV30, I also use My XBOX via component setup for prog scan, ooohh it just gets better :)
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