Does a PVR replace an existing freeview box?



1) I'm thinking of getting a PVR to replace my old VCR. I already have a freewview tuner and I want to know if buying a PVR will necessarily mean that my freeview tuner then becomes redundant.

2) Also any recommendations would be good
I don't have Sky
I don't want a DVD recorder included
I like the idea of being able to record one channel whilst watching another
Ideally I'd like over 160GB, but would settle for 80GB

If its any help my freeview tuner is a Sony VTX-D800U and I have CRT TV.

Thanks for any help.


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PVR's have Freeview built in, either 1 or 2 tuners. So your existing box could be utilised elsewhere or if you got a twin tuner, you could watch any channel whilst recording 2.

I have the Humax 9200 and thoroughly recommend it. You may also want to consider the Topfield as an alternative. If cost is an issue, Daewoo have the 9502T 80GB for around the £100 mark from, although they were out of stock yesterday. do the 160GB version for £140.


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Yes - a PVR will replace your freeview STB but only if you want it too. If you are recording two programmes on the PVR then the STB is always handy for watching another freeview channel on the TV.

I have several PVR's but haven't dumped any of my STB's. They will come in handy when we get the analogue switch off here in 2009.


Thanks guys, very helpful. Have heard both the humax and topfield mentioned before so will look into those.

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