Does a much bigger screen size worsen picture quality?

Whilst looking around the Internet I hear people talking how bigger screen sizes can affect the image onscreen, especially with video games , is this true? And if it is what is the recommended screen size for all round content?.


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yes it does, most noticeable with SD material because you are ultimately stretching an image up to a given screen size, 42" is a good happy medium, i know that was the kind of defacto size for taking advantage of HD, but even going from my 20" monitor on my pc, recently, to a 32" hdtv as monitor, SD stuff looks worse

and comparing say SD BBC news channel on the 42" in the corner to the 104" screen in the middle of the room is quite an adjustment

i guess it's akin to keeping on zooming in on a photo


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yes, absolutely, that would certainly aid things, its a kind of catch 22, you get a massive screen, and i suppose you dont want to back off too much, so that you are immersed, it doesnt matter quite as much with HD, as it scales more 'losslessly' -with HD you get into more of recommended viewing to take advantage of the resolution, wheareas with SD, its a kind of back off so you arent as aware of artifact and low res.
Well, I'll hopefully be getting an upgrade near Christmas, so I think I should measure my room and then decide what size tv to get,I'll then do some research on the seating distance of that size.


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i think this comes down to the quality of the tv and how good a job it does,my 59" looks no worse then my 42" lcd infact the picture quality of the 59" is just awsome and sd stuff looks as good as on my smaller tvs.


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There is no quality loss at all (tehnicly speaking).
If you compare 2 TV's of same model one 32" and other 60" and play same the file on both picture will be the same.
Picture will be equally stretched on both TV's as they both have the same resolution and same number of pixels.
Only difference is the bigger the TV the bigger the pixel is.
Just keep size of TV in proportion with viewing distance and you wont notice any difference.
That's it then, job done, if you get a big tv and think the picture is off compared to that nice looking 22 inch tv, just sit a bit further back and voila, let your eyes do the rest.


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Having upgraded from a 40" 2 year old to a 47" LG I would honestly say the LG quality was a big upgrade. I expected the 47" to look worse but once you set up correctly it looked a hell of a lot better. :thumbsup:


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I look at it like engines and cars, a mondeo and a Mercedes are both effectively saloon cars but it all about what's powering it. You get what you pay for at the end of the day, my Pio 5090 is better than any of my smaller screens in the house and any distance and proper isf calibrated levels will render almost obselete any poor sd material. It's still there but once you are at d65 standard it is not over emphasised by poor contrast and brightness levels.

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