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Does a GPU with Onboard HD Decoding Improve HD Picture Quality In Vista Media Center


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morning all. i currently have a Vista 32 bit media center with plenty of my blue ray movies ripped for ease of use... i am currently using:

AMD Dual Core X2 4600
Nvidia 7800 GT AC3 filter (software decoder)
2 gig of ram

this obviously puts strain on my CPU but the system is able to cope with it!

i was wondering if a GPU with ONBOARD HD DECODING would improve Picture Quality of my ripped HD movies? i understand it will take alot of strain off my CPU. if this is the case what would you recomend?

another question.. would a GPU with a HDMI out also improve the picture quality? i currentky have a DVI-HDMI converter.

i do apolagise if these questions have come up before but i couldnt find a definitave answer on the subject!

thx for reading
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DVI and HDMI are essentially the same thing - HDMI supports copy protected signals (HDCP) and can carry sound as well as audio through one easy cable.... In your setup there will be no advantage in using HDMI.

A GPU will not improve picture quality at all - all it will do is take load off the CPU and allow your PC to run quieter with less heat.


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the card you have is not capeable of HD. its output will not be hdcp complient and it cannot handle some hd processes
a new card like an ati 4000 series will take 100% of the decoding off the cpu and give better quality due to its better processing using onboard acceleration and avivo
i have just changed myself from a 7500gt and the difference is very noticable in sd plus it now does proper hd
dvi output is also hdpc compatible with a dongle

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