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Does 3g make videos on the internet freeze and skip?

I sometimes watch videos, mostly trailers, and I almost can't watch them as it keeps on freezing, I find myself pressing the pause button a lot to get it running but that's useless of course. So is it the 3G network that's the cause of this and I need wifi, or is it something else entirely. Ive tried the multi tasking thing where you deactivate the apps, but all to no avail. Bummer!


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It is totally dependent on your bandwidth. You might have 3G but if the bandwidth is low you will be watching faster than your downloading and this will cause the issues above.

It could be your network provider or could be the site itself being very busy.


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if your 3G connection is a poor speed then it will not be fast enough to play video smoothly. The better quality the video the faster the connection needs to be. 3G speeds are pretty poor in many places


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As above, it's the download speed of your network connection. This needs to be faster than the speed the trailer plays at.

Just an example:

If the trailer plays at 4 megabits of data per second and your connection is only 2 megabits of data then you could only play at half speed. By pausing as you have been, it allows the data to catch up and play normally. Then stutters when runs out of data again.

A 2 min trailer would need to be paused to buffer for 4 mins in order to play back perfectly in the above example.

To complicate things, the bandwidth changes over time do could play fine to start but play up part way through once the connection speed drops.


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Again, as said before, it's all dependent on the network and the site the content is coming from. Quoting the theoretical max of the device is meaningless.


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Do a search on the app store for a speed tester. This will give you a rough guide as to what your speed is. It can also vary at different times of the day.

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