Does 100hz 'motion-flow' matter for 32'' LCD TV's???


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I know the general rule is that the bigger a TV size the more prone it is to providing an imperfect image.

Now I know 100hz 120hz 'motionflow technology is advantageous for 40''+ size LCD TV's but is it really justified for modest size 32'' screens???

I ask because 1080p 32'' TV's are really coming in strong, but only a fraction have 100hz mode.


P.S: If someone can reccomend me a good 32'' 1080p TV then that'll be great. I like the look of the Sony-E4000, but i can't find a price anywhere.


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Hi, I was in Richersounds today looking at LCDs and Plasmas. I'm on the lookout for an HD screen, and think I'll go with LCD as I'm scared of the Plasma problems!

When I looked at the various screens I noticed the 100hz screens handled fast action, etc, a fair bit better than the 50hz screens (as you would expect I suppose). I think this is a more important issue than 1080p.

For a 32" screen you'd be hard pressed to tell a difference between 720p and 1080p. The refresh rate is a bigger concern for me. I could really tell the difference and if you watch action films and sports, it may be worth looking at this rather than 1080p.

I'm a bit of a noob to all this, and don't own an HD telly so I wonder what everyone else thinks. These are just my observations from todays demo.


100Hz is an advantage,however there are still very good tv's withought the 100Hz.The 32E4000 is due in june so prices havent appeared yet.Also the 32W4000 is the same model technically,cheaper,with just different design and comes in 1-2 weeks if you are interested

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