Dodgy weather kills ITV's and C4's


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Hello all i know there is a thread going on about weak signals from ITV and C4 but i live in an area which has always been really good for these channels until i moved a couple of hundred yards round the corner to a new house that had no TV aerial. So a new high gain aerial was fitted for me and now when ever it rains i lose all itv and c4 channels where as at my last house which had just an old style aerial i never lost the signal completely.
I have a new Panasonic 37 lcd and a bt vision box,all cables are good quality and my post code is IP30 9GH and i am pointing to the Sudbury transmitter as far as i know. Analoge signal is great on all 5 channels so i just dont understand why its so sensitive to a bit of dodgy weather. Any answers would be a great help please?
Maybe you cat get a CAI aerial fitter in your aerial to take a look, or ask them for advice, as they would probably know our area better than anyone else


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Did you plug your code into Wolfbane? It says you don't exist. Newbuild? But for IP30 it says a slightly stronger signal form Takolneston than Sudbury. Is your ae pointing south, or a bit east of north?

Also, on MUX 2 - the one troubling you - there is a "B" signal from Sudbury - suggesting some conflict with the main one from another transmitter. Check in the 800 series for duplicated channels from different places.

You should be able to check which CN you are using from your stb somewhere, if it does not tell you when you change channels. NB Beware the quoted transmitter - may be the main one, not the slave you are actually using.

Nothing beats local knowledge - ask the person who fitted your ae. Might just need pointing more precisely.


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Trees! They look nice and we need them but they do nothing to help tv reception.
You have a large wood to the south of you and the signals from sudbury have to go over the top of it and the problems you describe fits the bill.
Trees tend to scatter the signals differently when wet so it's a case of trying the the aerial in different places on the roof or raising it, i don't know how high it is at the moment.
Tv reception is very unpredictable you can have a good signal in one spot and a few feet either way and can have nothing.


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