Dodgy speaker connection????


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Hi all.
Was listening to some music yesterday and my Monitor Audio rs5's (the left one) sounded as though it may have been distorting. The volume wasn't (i didn't think) loud enough to warrant the speakers to distort, but something wasn't right. So i tried a different piece of music to make sure it wasn't the recording, and heard similar 'distortion'. At that point i thought that the speaker voice coil could be in a mess. So i took out the mid/bass driver to see if i could see anything immediately obvious. (Was also checking for a burnt smell!!). The only thing that i noticed was that one of the spade terminals wasn't 'quite' on properly. So i made sure that it was, then put it back together. Tried the same piece of music, and still that 'distorting' sound. I tried gently pushing the cone in and out to see if there was any scraping etc....nothing. So, then i decided to see if it was the tweeter or mid/bass driver, so i disconnected the HF and LF connectors one at a time. Both drivers seemed to be playing as expected, so i hooked them all back up, and now, it seems as though the speakers are ok. :confused:

Is there such a thing as an 'iffy' connection capable of making this noise? Because, seemingly, the only thing that made any difference, was taking the banana plugs out of the back of the speakers, and hooking them back up. Now all seems fine???

Any thoughts folks?


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What are the chances it was the Jumper Bars connecting the speaker terminals? These can sometimes be unreliable. On my speakers I've replaced the bars with speaker wires and ring terminals.

Just something to consider.



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Thanks for that Steve.....all seems fine now....even to my 'super critical ears'!

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I noticed this once and it turned out to be an iffy banana plug. Its always worth checking the terminations first.

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