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Jun 6, 2003
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Leeds, West Yorkshire
Been trying to justify to Mrs Breszh how great the Pace Twin after she wasn't exactly overjoyed at me spending £200 on it and tonight its cocked up recording Emmerdale which hasn't done my case much good.

Instead of recording Channel 3 all the recording shows is RADIO but no sound is recorded so I don't know which station its recorded. What's also odd is the recording details all show Emmerdale, even the program detail is there - just no program. The Pace was picking up channel 3 certainly on tuner 1 as I wathced the first couple of minutes of it.

I've just tried recording Channel 3 again and its done it OK.

Now I do like this Pace Twin but its testing my patience a little, the occasional picture freezes and now this recording fault are dimming my view of it.

The software was updated last week and is now showing as 1.7.55, Resource shows as 1.1.13, boot Master shows 1.4.2 and slave shows 1.4.7. I thought this update was supposed to improve recording reliability not make it worse!

Anybody suffered the same or have an idea of whats going wrong?
Tell [email protected] . I have seen odd occurrences where it has recorded something other than what I asked it to. Rare though. Suspect it's a bug they still haven't fixed.
Will do, Nigel. Thanks for the advice.
I had my first instance of a zero length recording the other day. Selected the next programme on the Info and hit record. It logged the programme title, but length was 0s :(
On Nigels advice I wrote to Pace on Sunday and got a reply this morning:-

We are aware there are a few intermittent issues that can recording to fail,
we are currently testing new software which we hope will address this
problem. The download will be broadcast when it is available.
Best Regards
Customer Front Office
Pace Micro Technology plc"

So maybe things will improve on the next release.

On a side note, was watching Watchdog tonight, the picture froze for over a second and when it came back there was no sound. I was (once again!) recording Emmerdale and it doesn't seem to have affected it.
Emmerdale is repeated (I think) on ITV 2 in the mornings, if it happens again. Just trying to get you out of trouble...
Originally posted by Richard Barham
Emmerdale is repeated (I think) on ITV 2 in the mornings, if it happens again. Just trying to get you out of trouble...

Nice one, that'll make the Doris a lot happier :smashin:
Just had a recording issue. 20 minutes into Frasier the sound went and didn't come back. Mind you, it's fairly easy to work out what was being said. Still annoying.
I spent 20 minutes with the Doris and the radio times setting up 6 recordings, then wenk skiing. No recordings when we got back, but there had been a power cut, would that have disrupted the schedule? It managed to mess up almost everything else too, even the fish don't know whether it's night or day now.
The sound on C4 the other night was all over the place - so not the Twins fault - while Frasier was on I switched channels and the sound was fine on all other channels, had apparently been playing up during ER too.
Two weeks running I have had sound dropout on ER from CH4 half way through!!! :(

Why is it always the programs for the missus that go t*ts up!

Mind you it saves me from watching the whole of ER :p
Did you stop and restart the reply? Always resolves the issue for me.

I had a picture freeze on replay last night. Went back a minute and restarted. At the point that it previously got stuck at, I noticed that the picture broke up, but this time it went through without stopping. I generally had poor reception last night on both BBC1 and C4 - Crystal Palace transmitter.

Yeh, when I lose sound on recordings I always try stopping and restarting or playing in preview window etc but sound never comes back. From memory since I got the Twin 1st week in Jan it has only done this 3 times (twice on ER! ) so not really that annoying.

Just hope it never happens with Friends or I will die!!! :laugh:
After several more problems with the Twin including a new problem when it completely freezes and has to be powered off (3 occasions) I have now returned it to Argos and got a full refund.

I'm now back using VHS which although PQ isn't great I know I can rely on it to actually record the programs I want.

I still would like some form of HDD recorder but one that works as reliably as my VHS video recorder. Reckon I'll wait until the Twins predecessor comes out.

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