Dodgy goings on at EBay !!!!!!



Seeing as I'm looking for a Panasonic plasma at the moment, I thought I'd see what EBay had to offer.
I saw a pretty good looking screen and decided to place a bid to a maximum of 1200 GBP. For about an hour I was the highest bidder and , being outbid, I decided to leave it.
Just recently I recieved about 5 emails, all from very bad English speaking (typing) people offering me their 'amazing' Panasonic screen with everything on them including warranty for prices between 1200 GBP and 1500 GBP.
Now I know something dodgy when I see it but I thought I'd warn others out there who may fall for this trick.
I have a feeling that if I take these guys up on their 'offer' they might ask me to collect the screen from a certain address. I would, of course, have to bring the payment with me and as soon as I walk through the door - BAM.
No screen, no money, sore head!

Happens a lot on these auction sites according to my local AV dealer!

Be careful people!

I've had the same. I think I've probably had in the region of twenty E mails. They are all from different E mail address, but most of the message (and dodgy spelling) is the same.
Me and the wife laughed when we read them. You must have to be really desperate for a plasma if you fall for this old nonsence.
Well, Just got another offering me a Panny Plaz for 600GBP first payment then another 300GBP three months later. It has a stand and a ...... get this ....... 36 month Panasonic warranty!
I unfortunately bid on a Sony laptop on ebay. Never again. Got about 10 emails a day for about 8 days in a row ! How do these fraudsters get my email addy ?
I think they look at the bid history and 'contact other Ebay member'!

Maybe I should inform Ebay of this and they can put a stop to it.
Sellers can choose to have the biders names hidden, by selecting "Private auction". This way only the seller can see the winning bidder.

I'll remember that!
I thought that I'd have a bit of a laugh with one of them. I asked if the Panasonic model that they are going to 'sell' me had.....ahem...... 'Quasi Mode 7 with Duplex Fold-over'.
Guess what the reply was!
Of course it does, and it's mine for 1250 GBP including shipping!
Wonder if Panasonic know that their panels have features that they didn't even put in them!:smoke:
It gets better!
One woman has just agreed to 'negotiate' a price for hers!
She started out at 1250 GBP and has so far dropped her price to 500 GBP!
She's going to throw in the Quasi Mode 7 for free and she also agreed to have the 'Line Plato Transformer' re-alligned before shipping!
One guy just emailed me the details of his...... he has simply cut and pasted the exact screen from the Ebay auction and sent it to me as HIS details.
Here's what I replied ............

"That's great, but I need one with the 'Quasi Mode Shift 7' and the new 'Full Duplex Video
Sterilizer' plug-in! The information that you sent does not say if the screen has been upgraded or not!
Does this screen have that upgrade?
Also, will you have the 'Line Plato Transformer' re-alligned before shipping, as Panasonic states that this should take place to protect the 'Flux Capacitor' in the plasma line-up conformation lamp?

Hope to hear from you soon.


I don't think I could ever get bored of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i ah this a few time swhen i bid for stuff on ebay , last thing was a nokia 8910i .

the trick is that me and mates play is to get them to reply , but you must use lines from films;) ;) ;)

gamma quadron from toy story they will always agree too:D :D
Yeah wind em up ... speaking as someone who was robbed out of £600 for a Laptop a couple of years back when the Western Union scam was new. That was on Amazon. Least they gave me back £250 quid of it.
Why not tell them that your bank is gonna make a charge to do the funds transfer and you want them to pay that fee. If they send you (say) £30 you will then set the trasnaction up with your bank to transfer the full funds. You'll either scare them off or catch them at their own game.
heh eagerly waiting to hear reply of that 1 messiah hehe
Got to say I'm LMFAO at the moment!!

If you get the £30 (not very likely, probably like a years salary for them) I say we set up a fake auction for us all to lose on then catch a few more out!!

Hell yeah!
Like the guy who actioned 50 disposable lighters for a 5 GBP buy price, the winner recieved a box of matches!!!!!!!
If you want to buy plasmas or other items from Ebay all you have to do is search items which should be paid by Paypal this way they can be tracked easily.
Yeah and paypal has a secure scheme runnning now where your money is safe if you buy from a reputable seller (like me).

Don't forget that most of these schemes are used to raise money for organised crime and terrorism. Be careful who you wind up.:smoke:

I can also confirm that you should have the Line Plato Transformer reallinged AFTER shipping not before. I'm suprised they haven't seen throught that one. I've had my TV done and now all the dialogue is in perfect Rumanian.

I remember playing this game for a while ....

playing along with these guys....

I said "that you expect me to trust you with the payment so why don't you trust me and send the plasma first then i'll pay you latter"

Anyway I carried on for a while saying well isn't western untion untraceable etc etc

if you carry on for a while you can feel the agitation in their emails

they only seem to send one reply ,,,,,

"I wish to have good reputation lets do this deal now quickly you send funds and i will ship UPS free of charge.. "

effentually I told then that they will be reported to ebays fraud team and the internationl internet fraud prefention unit ....

they seem to get a little scared.... All of a sudden this one guy claimed that he wasn't sending the emails but someone had gotten hold of his username and password

What gets me is that some of them have uk based ebay accounts with good feedback. Obviousily they've hacked into someone's account.......
That 419 site is class.

I especially liked the one with the guy who got killed by his dentist :rotfl:

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