dodgey speaker....still




On my s550 the rear L speaker like buzzes/crackles. I have been monitoring it over a few weeks now and it does crackle on all music audio played although hardly noticable on some and very annoying on others and takes effect when volume is 20 or over (ish)

I can't really comment on DVD movies as i don't notice it but it can be irrating.

What should i do about this?

Are we talking cabinet vibration of the speaker or is the actual speaker unit playing up? If its the speaker unit it could be either the speaker or amp at fault but if its cabinet vibration you can try to insulate the cabinet from its surroundings to prevent the distortion. I don't know the settings on the Sony but if it has an option for setting the speakers as 'small' or 'large' make sure its set on 'small'. Anyway I would swop speakers around just to make sure its not the amp at fault.
I alredy swapped speakers around onto different channels which pin points it to that speaker. It is definatly the speaker and it is getting annoying. On another rear channel it acts the same so its got to be the speaker. There isn't an option for speaker size either. Am i best contacting Sony or my supplier about this do you reckon?

I would contact your supplier first and see what they say. Maybe the can do a special order for a replacement speaker. I doubt if they repair these speaker units.
OK thanks. Ill get in touch with them. I wonder what empiredirect are like for cust service?
empire direct are not great for customer service I've heard but it really depends on who you speak to. Don't forget that if you paid by credit card the credit card company are just as responsible for the quality of the goods and if empire direct don't sort it out you can ask for a refund from the credit card company.
Oh thanks, empire direct have already replied but i don't really want to send the whole system back as i'm sure its just this one speaker causing the problem
empire direct say send them the speaker and a note telling them whats wrong with it and they'll sort it. However they say if it gets damaged in transmit its my fault. I haven't sent it off yet but what happens if its lost or damaged even if i pack it up extremely well? anybody know?

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