Question DOD LS470W vs Street Guardian SG9665GC. High-temperature tolerance

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    I'm choosing between DOD LS470W and Street Guardian SG9665GC. One of the main issues that I am interested in this high-temperature endurance. In the country where I live, in summer the temperature can rise to 42-44 degrees Celsius. Here is the street temperature of 34 degrees (7 August 2017, 11:52), and the temperature inside the car which stood on the street is 53 degrees. I suppose that when the outside temperature becomes 42 degrees, the temperature inside the car reaches 60 degrees. And this despite the fact that the windshield in summer is always covered with a sun shade. The car remains all day under the sun, but during the ride, I always turn on the air conditioning.

    In the manual of Street Guardian SG9665GK it is written that: "The camera is designed to operate at temperatures of between -10°c to +60°c, operating outside of these temperatures may produce unpredictable results". However, they claim that: "Super-Capacitor + Metal Lens Holder-Base means Extreme Temperature Resistance!".

    In the specifications of DOD LS470W it is written that operating temperature is -20°C~65°C.
    The DOD has an advantage in that it can be removed from the mount during long parking in hot weather. Also, DOD can be hidden from the sun with sun shade, like here in the example with broken FineVu CR-500HD. It is impossible with Street Guardian SG9665GC.

    Have any of you used one of these dash cams (including DOD LS460W which is similar to LS470W) at such high temperatures? How do you think, which of them is more high-temperature tolerant?

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