Doctors test gene transplant to restore sight

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lisa burrell, May 2, 2007.

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    This is amazing

    Imagine being born blind. your sort of 45 then meraculously you have an operation and you can see for the first time.

    Love to see it would you See what the persons reaction is to colour.

    we did a Disabled course for understanding disablement. We were told that a totally blind person world is not dark. I'm trying to figure that one out still. How would they no what dark or light was having not seen before.

    I See some registered Blind people out with there dogs. Having a great time. I always wanted to ask how they find there way home and have they made any classic mistakes they can laugh with us about.

    This brings them a bit of hope anyway. Hope its a huge success

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    It's not as wonderful as you might imagine. There are a number of such cases recorded. The trouble is that the brain of such a person will not have learnt how to cope with visual images, so much of what they "see" will not make sense. Many become very depressed as a result.

    The case of a man who had his sight restored as an adult after losing it at the age of three is described here.

    I suspect what you were really being told is that most registered blind people do have some residual vision. Total blindness (the inability to detect light at all) is very rare.

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