doctor who week in bradford


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at the National Museum of Film, Photo and TV it is Dr Who week from today the 7/8.

They have 2 daleks on site and are showing various episodes in the mini cinema viewing room (decent sized projector screen)

Episodes being shown from 10.30am are

An unearthly child (pt 1)
Invasion (pt 8)
3 Doctors (not sure)
Sunmakers (pt 3)
Horns of Nimon (all of it)
Leisure Hive (all of it)
Kinda (pt 3)
Twin Dilemma (pt 1)
Remembrance of the Daleks (pt 1)

You can also watch any of the above in your own personal viewing booth (along with hundreds of other programmes) at any time of the year.

Kids can make a cardboard tardis!!

Nice day out. Good museum. Kids really enjoyed the 'robot dog' in sunmakers.

Free entry. :thumbsup:


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Sounds like a good day out for aging Whovians and their kids :thumbsup:

I wonder what today's Eccleston/Tennant fan kids will make of 'Classic' Who

I also wonder if they'll be selling stuff like this....

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :D
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