DOA4 Achievement

I have been trying to unlock the achievement for 'Collect all items' in the survival mode. Does anyone know what you have to do to get certain items, because im guessing i maybe only need one more type because i have collected loads of differant items whilst playing survival mode. And do you have to collect ALL the items in the one fight?


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you dont have to get them all in one fight nope.

from ign

CANDY 100 of 512 Adds 50 health or score 20,000 points (at full life)
CROWN 90 of 512 Adds 10,000 points
DONUT 60 of 512 Refills full health or 50,000 points (at full life)
HOT DOG 90 of 512 Adds 100 life or score 30,000 points (at full health)
HOURGLASS 10 of 512 Resets Danger reach Time Limit
RING 100 of 512 Adds 5000 points to score
SLOTS (777) 10 of 512 Adds 200,000 points
SLOTS (BAR) 10 of 512 Adds 100,000 points
SLOTS (any) 10 of 512 Adds 1 point
TREASURE 50 of 512 Adds 30,000 points
XBOX 1 of 512 Adds 300,000 points and refills lifebar
XBOX 360 1 of 512 Adds 360,000 points and refills lifebar


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I'm sure one of them was the prototype xbox that was in the shape of an X, that was the last one I got and I've only seen it once. Maybe that's what ign have listed as the Xbox 1?

As spanna says, you don't have to get them all in one go, it did take quite a few goes before I got them all.
ye there must be a certain move or combo you have to do to get the xbox 360 item in survival mode. Anyone know what you need to do?


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That's pretty much how it is. I certainly don't remember doing anything different to get my final item.


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I thought it was fighting AS certain characters that made it drop certain items? Not 100% as I gave up on DOA4 pretty quick, but this was always the case in the previous versions..


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Anybody have a list of achievements with the relevant points for each one?
i just played survival and i got a 360 'item', but i didnt get the achievement for all items!! i think i still need to get the original xbox and then i will have collected all of them!! but god knows how long that will take


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after playing survival mode for ages i finally got the xbox and the xbox 360 items, but still no achievement!! surely there isnt another rare one????

And i did put down life gauge to smallest but this only means you arent on the leaderboards, but it shouldnt affect your item collection?

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