Do you turn the volume down because of the neighbours?

Do you turn the volume down because of the neighbours?

  • Yes and I'd like to move house to solve the problem

    Votes: 120 17.8%
  • Yes but it's not a problem

    Votes: 164 24.3%
  • Yes but it's not so bad that I want to move house

    Votes: 100 14.8%
  • No, I'm free to pump up the volume

    Votes: 292 43.2%

  • Total voters


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I wonder how many people have already moved in order (in part) to have volume control freedom.
Other way round for me, moved away due to the neighbor thinking he had control of freedom with his volume without considering others!

We wanted to move anyway but we lived our weekend fearing when his friends would be around again!


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I stumbled on this thread at an interesting time....

We've just put an offer in on a flat in a recently (less than one year) converted big ole house. We're getting the top (loft) floor to ourselves and will only have neighbours below.

I suppose I'll find out just how stringent the latest (2003?) sound insulation regulations are. I'm hoping that a good job was done as it seems that no expense was spared with regards to other parts of the building and fitting out.

Fingers crossed; but to be safe, I think I'll introduce myself to the folks downstairs and suggest a movie night. (If they're are nice folks, that is).


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I live in a top floor flat and the flat next door to me is empty but the noise travels up from the flats below me. I can hear their tv noise, kitchen cupboards being banged, light switches being turned on/off!!, water when the taps are turned on and clanging pipes!!:eek:

I never did buy a speaker system for my new tv as I just knew I would never be able to use it.:( At the moment it's bad enough with having to turn the volume down for the action scenes and then not being able to hear what the actors are saying.

I'd love to move to a house but I think I'm stuck here unless I win the lottery....fat chance of that happening!:(


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This is a big part of why I bought a detached bungalow - it is my space which is godo for me and my neighbours.
Whole Lotta Rose with the dial at 11 :thumbsup:


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This is a big part of why I bought a detached bungalow - it is my space which is godo for me and my neighbours.
Whole Lotta Rose with the dial at 11 :thumbsup:
I live in a detached bungalow but still get disturbed by noise from 3 houses away :(


Live in a block of flats surrounded by old fogeys who complain if I turn the volume up past 25% :mad:

I thought they were supposed to lose their hearing as they got older? :confused:


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I MAY have an issue soon too. When I moved it to the new place last year I was chuffed both neighbours were great in terms of the kind of people they were you'd get on. Say hello and in the summer even pass them a bottle of beer while cutting the grease. Anyway, literally the night we moved it MOTD was on, and fudge me. I can mute my TV and still hear CLEARLY what's being said because of next doors TV. I know he doesn't watch it crazy loud but i can hear it everything. Even told him, at that point i can hear his TV set, but I'm not complaint just be aware if the walls that that thin that he may hear mine. He said it's prob because he's partly deaf....but i don't think that's it. I can even hear them turn off their mains power when they finish watching TV

Now that I have my AV equipment setup. I may pop in a film with a few explosions and **** and ask him if he can hear it

Have looked into sound proofing. but you lose 9cms of the wall


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Not an issue for me. But then I don't blast it after 7pm.

Plus, our walls are 13" thick Victorian stone.


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I currently live in a flat, people above and below, I always keep the volume down and when we watch a movie me and my partner just get the headphones out - films are so much better when loud :)

Also living in a flat is also the reason why I have never contemplated owning a better system or sub as I know how horrible it is hearing other peoples music when you are trying to chill out.

We are finally moving to a house now, a semi, not ideal but I am now going to treat myself to better amp and speakers, its an old house with seemingly thick walls, and only 1 neighbour so will see how it goes I guess

edd handforth

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sounds reasonable. I turn mime down because of the muddy speech articulation fairley old yammy amp rx v630 but have tried many things to change it mind you it is probably my age I am a 77year old fart Edd


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I'm in a mid-terrace and generally have my system on loud till around 10:00pm (or when the film programs finished) then I reduce the volume.

Watched Skyfall on Blu-ray the other day and the whole house was shaking during a couple of scenes.

Didn't get any complaints, and I'm not really bothered when either of my neighbours crack the volume up.

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