Question Do you think this Philips Projector bulb is legit?


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HI I own a Sony VPL-HW50ES projector, which uses the Sony LMP-H202 Lamp. The OEM bulb for this projector is the Philips LMP-H202. TL/DR question: Does this look like a legit Philips bulb to you?


Please Note: I have edited the stick-on serial number in photoshop to make the numbers legible and I've flipped it vertically so you can see the code. The rest of the photograph is untouched.

From what I can gather, a legit Philips bulb should have a small QR code with a serial number next to it. If it is sold in an after-market lamp like a Diamond Lamp or VIVID Lamp (which in this case it's a VIVID Lamp photographed above), then the white sticker I believe is supposed to have AM before the serial code so that you know it's a legit After Market bulb. I have taken this information from this guide on recognising original bulbs. You can see what a typical philips stick-on label looks like in this guide.

I have also read that all Philips bulbs have been manufactured in China since 2007? I know they have a manufacturing plant in Belgium and at least they manufacture the burners in Belgium still. Not sure about bulbs though!

Here's the full story:

My warranty is long expired so I have no compelling need to be concerned with using the original Sony Lamp (that's the bulb+casing) at £250+ or however insanely overpriced these things always are, so my only concern when buying replacement bulbs is that they are the original OEM brand (Philips, then failing that Osram or Ushio).

The last bulb I bought was indeed a legit Philips OEM I purchased from Purple Cat/Cherrywood AV. It was the bulb alone, no housing and I fitted the bulb into my original SONY housing. This is how I have always replaced my bulbs on my projectors: I buy the bulb only, replace in the housing that came in my projector.

Anyway, it seems to me that it's becoming harder and harder to find OEM bulbs sold without housing because we now have this proliferation of "original inside, after-market housing" lamps ala Diamond Lamps and Vivid Lamps and whatnot, taking up the cheaper stripped down alternative to the original projector manufacturer OEM lamps

So I go back to old faithful: Purple Cat/Cherrywood AV. They have a good reputation in the industry and the last bulb I bought from them was a legit Philips and has served me very well by clocking up well over 4000hrs (and still going). However, Purple Cat no longer sell the bulbs alone; they now have these Vivid Lamps that, upon phoning them, I was assured would house the "original OEM bulb" inside a VIVID 3rd party housing. Having the original housing wasn't vital to me so this sounded like a good option for me so I ordered...

I'm not sure what to make of bulb inside it tbh. It could be legit, but it's lacking the stick on label that includes both a tiny QR Code and the correct AM serial number. Also I've never had a Philips bulb manufactured in Belgium before, only China.
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