Do you think my tv is to high up?

Hi everyone

2 days ago I put my new lg 47550 tv on the wall, put the wires within the wall also, Im just slightly worried its to high up, have a look at the pictures and tell me what you think - sorry about the poor pictures though.

The height from the floor is 1.25m to the center of the screen.

I have watched a little 3d on it and I think the picture is fine, there is no crosstalk still and no difference in colour's but I am still concerned.

Let me know !

Ta. :smashin:



Yes. The ideal is to have the centre of the display level with your eyes. If you like the current height you could always tilt the display towards the floor slightly. :)

Jason Shouler

Novice Member
Think I would have mounted it a bit lower myself but if you don't notice any improvement in 3D as you gradually stand then I wouldn't worry about it.

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