Question Do you think Kef Q300 will make a difference in my system.


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At the moment i am using a Cambridge Audio 351c CD player, Marantz pm66 ki signature and i have a pair of wharfedale 9.1 and Eltax 3 monitor. Do you think that if i go for the Kef q300 i will have an improvement in the sound quality that is worth the speaker upgrade.


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It's hard to say. Thje kefs should improve on the wharfedales (without hearing them the KEfs are a highly regarded speaker at 450 pounds from 5 yrs ago being also quite physically big and powerful, the wharfedales are a highly regarded speaker from 14 yrs ago at sub 200 pounds), but the Eltax monitor 3 seem a high enough end speaker.

I think if you explain what you think is lacking in either set you may get a better idea of how to improve. Some amps do not sound their best after many years (apparently) and may need a service, so maybe an amp service might be a better move , but I am sure some will chime in with better advice


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If you can still get Q300's they should be "clearance priced" because the new Q350 is now in stock and shipping here in the US. I would guess they'd be shipping in the UK too.


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Can't say if they would be an upgrade as I haven't heard any of these. But KEF Q300 are discounted as was already mentioned
KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers


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Apparently there's a dealer in the US who has Q950 and Q350 in stock. He got to hear the Q300 and new Q350 side by side and said the new version has a clearer tweeter and midrange, bass about equal. It won't be long before the new ones are in the hands of folks who will do a professional review with measurements to back it up.


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I bought the q300 to replace my old bw 601 s1. In my opinion they sound better. Much better sound from cymbals.

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