Do you think disc trading is having a major impact on HD-DVD sales?


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Nov 26, 2002
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It seems to me judging by the activity on the HD-DVD sales/trades forum that a lot of people are buying one HD-DVD, watching it and then trading it or selling it on to fund the next purchase. This has to be having quite an impact on overall HD-DVD sales, as long as you weren't particularly interested in collecting them you could buy one initial HD-DVD, trade it for another, watch that, trade it for another, watch that and repeat ad infinitum. I know there's nothing that can be done about it and personally I'm happy to do it as I can't afford to outright buy as many HD-DVDs as I'd like to watch but I do feel like I'm cheating the companies making these a bit by doing it. I'd be interested to hear how other people feel about it, do you collect or are you just interested in watching once and trading on?

I'm not trading my HD-DVD's but I have purchased 99% of them from the classifieds section. My reasons are firstly I'm purchasing movies that I already currently own on SD (in some cases I've purchased more than one version as and when super dooper special editions later came out!) and the other is I've purchased well over a thousand SD dvds and some are still sat there still factory sealed! So looking back I see no reason why I rushed out and paid full wack back in the day when I could have quite easily purchased them further down the line at a much more reasonable price or even purchased them second hand and saved myself some decent wedge to help pay for all the home cinema upgrades, hehe.

Also don't you think its surprising how much trading there is.. clearly HD alone is not enough for them to be keepers...
No shops around here have them yet. That might be why there is a lot of trading.. etc.
Might just be a busy second hand trade because some people are buying some gawdawful crap (Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux, etc) just to see HD in action, but finding that not even that extra HD resoultion can polish a turd.
Of course there's nothing wrong with selling or trading your DVDs (HD or SD). Yes, studios would be better off if everyone left their old DVDs gathering dust on the shelf instead of selling, trading, lending, or giving them away. For that matter, car manufacturers would be better off if everyone kept all their old cars in the garage and only bought brand new ones. (You'd need a big garage!) But that's hardly a good reason to feel guilty over selling your car. ;)

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