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Do you take off your outdoor shoes when visiting folk.


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...never given it too much of a consideration.

Some friends I immediately kick off my shoes and pad around in my socks, others folk don't seem to give a toss.

Any thoughts?



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I do at friends.

I don't in my job - it's a breach of policy. (although I do occasionally - depends if the people I'm seeing have a nice home).


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Always start taking off footwear when I see lovely carpets and also if a guest somewhere new, unless they say it doesn't matter. Generally every house. Basic manners imo.
This. Although I have taken to saying what my mother used to say when people came in and asked 'shoes off?'. She'd reply, somewhat classily, "Only if they're covered in s***."

markie g

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Yep, every house, unless it's wooden floor then i'd probably say "would you like me to take my shoes off?" if it was someone i don't visit frequently.

You walk around outside, why would you want to walk that stuff into your carpet - especially wet winter months.

Someones i second shoot weddings, which means going to the bride/grooms house, i keep some of those disposable shoe covers that go over the shoes for these scenarios as it's not really practical to keep taking shoes off.


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This. Although I have taken to saying what my mother used to say when people came in and asked 'shoes off?'. She'd reply, somewhat classily, "Only if they're covered in s***."
One time the opposite happened with me. I was in Oxford about 15 years ago viewing rooms to let in shared houses with fellow professionals. So with this one place, as soon as I walk through the front door my shoes are sticking to a filthy unhoovered carpet, the whole place stinking of strong cooking smells, then the tennant bloke showing me around the house, occupied by Chinese tennants only, immediately requests that I take my shoes off!! I politely complied, but then after a few steps, said I think I'd already found somewhere best suited and should go ahead with that, and got out before my socks got too filthy.


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Mostly, unless I've been to the house before and know its not an issue to keep my shoes on. The only house I generally forget to do so, is my own. My other half soon lets me know though, drives her :mad:


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Oddly never but then I rarely and I do mean rarely go into other people's houses.


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To take this thread a step further, do you people who prefer people not to wear shoes in your house provide alternative footwear, say slippers for your guests?


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I’ve never been asked to remove my shoes, nor have I ever had anyone other than workmen remove their shoes in my house.

Is this a cultural thing, rather than basic manners?


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If people tell me not to bother taking shoes off I assume it's because their floors are more dirty than outside


Back in 1977 we were asked by a lady to remove our boots before entering her home even though her chimney was on fire. There have been many times that I've wanted to wipe my boots on the way out of a house.

I never ask anyone to remove their shoes before entering my home. A meter reader from the water company did put blue protective covers on his shoes when he came to our house a couple of weeks ago.

What happens when you tell someone to take off their shoes and they stand on some broken glass or a nail. Sepsis sets in and they have to have a leg amputated. Does your insurance cover such an event?


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The wife teaches music from home, so we have 65 students a week tramping through the hall to her studio. When we changed the flooring, she wanted Karndean, but I suggested tarmac...

I always take my shoes off in other people's homes. It's a respect thing.

hi robb

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Lo there,

I always take my shoes off, as many have said, it’s the polite thing to do.

Weirdly enough, I don’t mind if people don’t take theirs off when they visit mine. Then again, I have wooden flooring or tiles throughout downstairs (apart from one rug in the lounge) so it’s not an issue.

Upstairs is a different matter though it’s carpeted mostly so shoes off if you’re going upstairs.

Mind you, if a visitor is going upstairs in my house, generally everything they wear is coming off - ooh matron.



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Not unless asked.

I live in the country, here everyone has tiled or wooden floors (proper wood, none of this engineered garbage). Because they're country folk with animals, the floors are generally no cleaner then the concrete/grass or whatever outside.

Carpet is best kept for the city folk.


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I was brought up leaving shoes at the door, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving them on.

My wife's culture is the next level though. Leaving your shoes on is damn near punishable by death. Even workmen get the daggers if they're not using the foot covers.


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If carpets I take them off even if they insist I don’t need to, if not I will start taking them off and if they say don’t bother I leave them.

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