Do you still get 'flicker' on the Panasonic PW5 when using 'Component'

Jon Weaver

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Like many, I have seen the 'flickering' on my Series 5, but it doesnt' really bother me.

There are so many good things about the display that I can't really call the 'flicker' a problem.

But, obviously, it would be nice to decrease the amount of flicker.

I just saw Joe's post which implied that it was possible to change the Series 5 into 'Dual Scan', however, its not even known whether the 'scan' mode it responsible for the flicker, so there is no guarantee that this will actually do anything noticable.

I decided to take a look at 'avsforum' and saw a comment from someone who stated that "if you use component, you won't get flicker".

Is there any truth to this?

I must admit that when I tried my Xbox on the Component input, I didn't see flicker.. But then again, I wasn't looking for it.

If using 'component' reduces the amount of flicker, then now is the time to find out, as I have just ordered a JS RGB/VGA converter and I could change my order for the component version.

Has anyone got the ability to check wether there is a difference between VGA and Component.

Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
I think that some people are more susceptible to it than others but if is definitely there! You can see it worse out of the corner of your eye, or if you flick your eyes across the screen. I already know that I am susceptible to flicker as I often use a colleagues PCs and have to change the refresh rate of their monitors. They don't understand why, as they can't see it flickering at all, but for me its unusable.

But if you can't see it, you are fortunate.

I don't think that Component makes any difference.. I gave a demo this lunch time and used the RGB from Sky/DVD and Component inputs from my Xbox.

I could see the same flicker from both.

It will be interesting to see if (Assuming its possible) changing the display to 'dual scan' will do anything.

Steve Knott


I would suggest as the late great Ray Milland said in 'the man with x-ry eyes'

'If thine eyes offend thee then pluck them out'



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