Do you see contouring/banding and/or noise in the picture on BBCHD?


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I'm interested in an overall opinion on this, if you ever see false contouring/banding in the picture (seems to be most obvious e.g. on the 360 elite where there's fog/lights, seen it on Bioshock at the start for example). If you never see anything like this please reply with what screen you're using. Also on BBC HD do you see any noise in the picture, particularly e.g where there's a blue sky, is it clean blue or are there any speckles of noise in it? Noticed e.g. on Mountain on BBC HD there was some noise in the sky quite often. Opinions of different LCDs would be appreciated



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Hi zAndy1

I do - No BBCHD, but the Xbox360 startup screen and dashboard exhibits false contouring on my 37X3030DB. Bioshock's ok - but it has more to do with the scene you're viewing rather than anything else I believe. I think you've seen and contributed to this thread already:

It's more obvious via HDMI which is why you're seeing it worse with the Elite (assuming you're using that connection with your display). Mines on component, which helps to ease the appearance a little).

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