Do you recommend the Hisense 55U8GQ 2021 model? (UK)


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I currently have a 43 inch LGun71003LB that I purchased from amazon 2 years ago for very cheap,£350. However,the backlights have started to fail already and the repair will cost me around the same price the as the tv did,so I’m looking for a replacement tv that’s an upgrade from that. One that’s somewhere in the range of £600-£700.

I came across the Hisense 55U8GQT(2021 model)on amazon a few days ago but I’m not 100% sold on it. On paper it certainly looks like a good upgrade, but a lot of the reviews ive read just make it sound it’s like such a terrible tv and I don’t want to make the same mistake of purchasing a bad tv twice. I know in my price range Im not gonna get anything mind blowing, but I just want to get the best tv i possibly can with the constraints I have and this tv looks like it could be it.
So I have a few questions.

Is this a good tv for gaming? its what I'm mainly going to be using it for. Does it have game mode? How is the input lag?Does it have HGIG? What’s the TVs peak brightness? It’s says on the Amazon page that it has a hdmi 2.1 port but apparently that’s not correct? Not a big deal though if it is only 4k at 60hz,because I really can’t tell the difference between 60hz and 120hz.

Hows the sound? Is a sound bar needed?

I’ve read a lot of reviews saying this tv handles motion terribly. What does that mean exactly? like ghosting?

what makes the uk model worse than the US model?

Whatever information you can give me about this tv would be much appreciated! Pros and cons. Is there maybe another tv in the same sort of price range that’s better? Or is this the best possible tv I can get? Thanks In advance.

Hisense 55U8GQTUK​

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