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Do you recommed Logitech Z-5500?


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Hey, I was thinking of buying this for my PS3 and my 40' Sony Bravia, cause I heard they are really good speakers for this price, but I have a few questions.

-This speakers have something like 1000 Watts, my living room is about 11 square meters, quite small, so is this too much power for me?

-Another concern I have is that I absolutely cannot unleash a deafening series of sounds to my neighbours (to say it like that), so I wanted to ask if you can put the speakers to mid-low volume and still experience surround (like volume for a normal tv, what I look for is not power, is the surround effect). Not like the neighbours will say anything if they can hear it sometimes, but an earthquake would probably make them go angry.

-Meanining that, if power doesn't relate to quality maybe i should look for another speakers?

I'm quite a noob at this so I'd appreciatte your help :D


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Hi Danteh,

I have this system for my PC and it is to be honest an amazing product for the price, I use it in my office which is only about 8ft x 7ft and it sounds fantastic! Crank it up when playing music and it feels like a nightclub, the surround sound on movies and games is great. :D

There is no problem using it at low volumes either and the sub which is HUGE can be controlled (like all the channels) separately to keep the vibrations down when you have to.

So in conclusion I'd so go for it you won't be disappointed. :thumbsup:


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Just make sure it's got the relevant connectivity for both your tv and ps3 to output surround sound, as it's got limited connection options compared to the more expensive option of an av all in one or av receiver & speaker combination.

This says what it has http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/speakers_audio/home_pc_speakers/devices/224&cl=US,EN

Are you feeding sound from the ps3 into the tv over hdmi and then planning to connect optical out to the speakers?


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I have these in the office , connected to a PC , which is really where they belong.

On a budget they would be OK for a main surround system , but there are better packages available for the money.

Have a look at some of the Sony ( or others ) all in one packages , which , in addition to sounding far better , will also handle HDMI.

For a PS3 connected to a HD screen this is a better option as you have the makings of a complete HD blu ray system , and it would be a shame to miss out on the HD audio side of things due to the lack of HDMI connection.

On a side note , some makers have a habit of adding the rms value for each channel to come up with a figure like 1000w .... which is essentially a BS sales figure ...this is akin to adding the speed of each wheel on your car to get total speed.
The only way this could be true is if each channel was playing the same content and arranged in such a way that the sound waves re-enforce each other .... this never ever happens.

The only figure that makes any sense is the figure per channel , this is always given as a max value and you would expect average listening volumes to be at approx 1/3 of this. ( or less ).

The logitechs produce about 90w per channel at full power. Thats with the volume cranked right to the top. something you would probably never do. They would be fine for your room.
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Thanks for the input.

Yeah I thought about buying an all in one system with HDMI, but thing is they are al very expensive and my budget is around 400 euro (600 dolars?)

So, what i had thought is: (beware I am very new at this there may be mistakes ;P)

-Put the optical output of the PS3 to the amplifier to experience 5.1 when watching bluray and playing games.
-Put the two red and white cables (for stereo sound) from he TV to the amplifier, because anyways almost no program in TV can display 5.1, and it will serve to hear the 2.1 with nice speakers.

Are my connections Ok or is it an aberration?


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The logitechs can handle those connections no problem. That would be pretty much the only way to connect your equipment.

You have one optical , one coaxial and one 6 channel PC connection , which can be split to accommodate 3 separate stereo sources.


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The logitechs can handle those connections no problem. That would be pretty much the only way to connect your equipment.

You have one optical , one coaxial and one 6 channel PC connection , which can be split to accommodate 3 separate stereo sources.


I have only one last question:

-Some of you mention the HDMI, input, does it really make a difference or is only for 7.1? (and...are there any budget HDMI systems?)
-Oh and is there any reason to connect TV to the ampli with digital output except watching some HD broadcast with 5.1? (which here in Spain I don't think it exists)

See ya all :clap:


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I have a Bravia and a PS3. Till last week in combination with the Z-5500.

Two reasons I changed it:
- The Z-5500 is not realy ment for listing music. This is the most important reason. The midrange of the Z-5500 is not good. For movies and playing games it works great.
- You miss out on the HD audio in movies. Some BD discs (Wall-e) don't even support DTS or DD in 5.1. Only HD audio or stereo (or I did something wrong). If you want the best, the z-5500 will not be enough.

However, it is good value for your money.

I switched to the Sony STR-DG820 receiver and Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 speaker pack :D
(Due to arrive next week.)

However, this setup will cost you more than your budget.

Good luch with it.
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