do you prefer top or bottom??


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wii sensor on tv that is?


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wii sensor on tv that is?

Seems a little easier to point if it's at top.

If I place it at bottom, I have to tilt the controller too far forward.

On top, it's perfect.


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will be underneath for me.....i got a big one :D

86in ;)


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So if you have a wall mounted plasma, you should be okay to place the sensor bar at the top of the TV? How does that work with the Wiimote and movement because the bar would be quite high up, does it effect play?


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I have a plasma above a fireplace, so its considered unergonomically high! But you get used to it fairly quickly.

I tried at the bottom and at the top. When it was on the top, I found that it felt more like I was pointing at the screen than just somewhere in the air. Because of the angle due to its height, I had to increase the sensitivity to 4 to get it to read more reliably.



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Underneath, less messy cable-wise


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On top here.:D Although I may try bottom to see how well it works there.


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Bottom as the top of my TV is sloped downwards.

Indiana Jones

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How far under the TV is the safe area? because I have my sensor bar resting ontop of my dvd player which is about 4 inches from the bottom of my TV and I was wondering if putting it ontop would be better.

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