Do you play games on yr HTPC


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No probs Rob, glad im not the only one playing games around here ;)

Some screenshots of SS2 at 480p and UT 2003 at 720p if you click the HTPC link in me sig.


Hello again, Bry

Dunno if you're interested, but I've been playing with the tenebrae mod for quake 1. This uses the real time lighting and bump mapping type stuff that they're gonna use on doom3 on the original quake!

Its on the cover disc of this months pc gamer mag (the one with all the doom3 shots in it.

**Also it lets you do custom res' from the command line.**

works at about 10 FPS on my athlon 850/geforce2 gts, and won't load on my athlon xp 1800/radeon 7500(oem)...that's probably the crappy oem card though - waiting for doom3 before I buy the newest radeon..

looks really funky @ 720p though (even though its unplayable, you might be ok with your setup)



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Thanks rob will see if i can get hold of it. Any idea if its available for download??

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