Do you need replacement DVD cases?


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Mods, if this is unacceptable, please remove.

I need to buy some new cases but don't need the 50 or so that most resellers require you to buy.

As such, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking any of the excess. The price will be what i pay for them plus the cost of shipping and packing.

From what I've seen, single genuine Amarays cost 25p or so and double Amarays (with the moveable tray) cost 40p. I think these prices are excluding VAT.

I only need 10 of each.

Anyone interested?


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I am sure I have seen them for sale individually. Are you sure you have to buy fifty?


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I wish you'd posted a few weeks ago as I threw out the best part of 250 cases to make some room in my flat. If you'd of paid the postage they could've been yours foc lol:)
I will be having another clear out in a few weeks time so let me know and I can send you some then:)


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Most places will sell cases indivdually but the problem is that they are usually not the Amaray cases, and if they are, they want something like £5 for 3 or something!

I can get 50 Amaray for something like £15 but don't need that many.

Hawklord, thanks for the offer! Don't want to be cheeky but are they new?

I'm replacing mine because they are damaged and scuffed up so don't want to replace them with the same.



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I'm sure I've seen the cases at places like computer shows for about 10p each and not much more for doubles. It usually costs to get in them though (£4 for Bowlers Computer show in Manchester). Problem is, if that's all you want, it still makes them expensive.
What you need is find one your friends, who goes to to these shows to pick you some up next time he's there ;)

Also may be worth trying your local computer shop. I just looked at www.microdirect.co.uk who are local to me. They have cases for about 35p each


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Originally posted by jian

Hawklord, thanks for the offer! Don't want to be cheeky but are they new?

I can make sure they are in as new condition before I send you them. They're cases that the dvd's were originally shipped with not replacements. I'm trying to make some room so I'm only keeping my favourite films in cases on display and the rest I'm storing in protective storage cases. (240 dvd's per)

G a f f e r

any pound shop.

the one in my town does 10 amaray-like cases for £1 (yes folks, that's right, £1 :D)

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