Do you need 100hz in a 37 inch tv? Sorry for all the questions :-)


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I am wondering if LED backlighting is really an improvement on normal lcd if it is just edge. Can you still see a difference, or would you only see a big difference with full array led with local dimming?

I can't afford local dimming, but I could get edge LED, but is it worth it? Should I get a normal LCD and wait till local dimming comes down in price..

Would really appreciate advice as have no tv at present and am under pressure from boyfriend to choose one because of sport!


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I heard that in a 32 inch you don't see much difference, but by the time you get up to a 37 inch you need at least 100hz.

Do you think that's right? Would you be put off a 37 inch if it was good in other ways but not 100hz?

I notice What HIFI gave a 37 philips without 100 hz five stars.

I wouldn't be using for gaming, but we do watch some sports.

Sorry to suddenly ask all these questions - need to get a tv this weekend as don't have one at all right now and my boyfriend having to watch all the matches at the pub is turning him into a heavy drinker!


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I would buy the best specced TV that you can afford. What's your budget? Personally I would go for 100hz if any sports watched, but not at the expense of buying a decent brand. Plasma also handle motion better but there isn't a full HD 37" (not that this makes a lot of difference on a relatively small screen)

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