Do you know a movie with a scene like this? (Description) Trying to find a movie

Hello, there. I'm trying to find a movie watched not a long time ago, but English isn't my main language and I watched it dubbed, so it's hard to remember a title, especially the original one, and dialogues. Plus, I watched it on television, so I never went after it. One scene, however, stuck with me after all these years and it is that kind of goofy/sexy scenes that usually happens in romcom or perhaps a very sensual drama? Basically, any movie you know with a scene like this is worth the shot:

There's this good-looking character and he is doing something that results in his shirt lifting up. He's either stretching his arms as if he's tired/yawning or doing something like reaching to grab something and his shirt rides up, revealing his body/abdomen and someone else (almost definitely a girl/woman) watches. Very important: he is not lifting the shirt himself, he doesn't even seem to notice that this is happening nor the woman peeking. The shirt lifts along with the movements of his arms in a very casual way, but the way this scene was directed and edited made it look sensual and that's why it stuck with me. Perhaps I found the actor attractive too but I don't remember his face clearly to point out a name. If you know any movie with a scene like that I think it is worth the shot. I don't think there's a lot like that out there (or perhaps I watch too much mainstream? idk). Thanks in advance.

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