Do you just buy the subwoofer with the most Volts when buying a subwoofer ?



Hi I no when buying a speakers its important to choose the right amplifier to power them. But little confused when it comes to buying a subwoofer.

Doesn't it really matter what AMP you have when buying a subwoofer as it has its own external power supply and drivers to power it so the AMP doesnt really come in to play and will sound just as good with any type of AMP ?

Any way I currently have a PSW2000 Subwoofer which was bought as part of a speaker package as my sister just recently bought them. As she didn't like the size of the subwoofer and didn't really want it in her house she gave it to me. Bad news is it was bought of flebay and wont power on , call to Kef and it needs a repair .:mad:

To get to the point Its no doubt gonna cost me £60+ to get it repaired as it has no warranty. I am trying to learn if its the right sub for my setup or should I spend out and get a better one.

I currently have a Onkyo 805 AMP , and would like to no how this Sub would hold up against the cheaper BK models ?

any information is appreciated !!


No idea about the PSW2000.

As you rightly guessed, the amp you use is irrelevant provided it has a sub output and the sub is active (i.e. has it's own amplifier). The 805 has one so no need to worry at all.



whats the size of your room mate ? notice you are close to buying a sub. mine is 15ft x 12ft

Just to add is there any recommended placement for a subwoofer ??

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