Question Do you guys like older or newer games more?

Dr Dreads

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Hey guys I was just wondering this. Which games do you prefer old school or new school games and why?

I thought of this question when I went to the store and saw all the games cost £50-£100 I was remembering the times when games costed £10-£15 and £25 at most.

I prefer personally old school games and here are my reasons:

1. They had a affordable price.
2. You know company would release games every 6 months instead of 2-6 years.
3. The games actually back then had more challenge in them than newer games. I just think new games are too easy.
4. I think new games are too busy with the graphics of a game than actual gameplay or story line (If the game has a story line off course)

However I know old school games where really basic back then and all games where very cartoon based. Not to say very buggy.

But let me know what you guys think.


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Gaming has actually gone full circle over the last few years. From the days of simple but addictive gaming with 2D sprites and the 3 lives mechanic on the likes of C64/Speccy/NES/MD/SNES etc. We progressed onto 3D polygons and open worlds with fast moving FPS's and jaw-dropping graphical extravaganzas, through the era's of PS1/2/3/4, SAT/DC, N64/GC/Wii, XB and PC etc.

We now find ourselves back to where we started. Commonly playing simple but addictive games. Retro gaming and retro type games are back in vogue. Yes, we still get the triple-A titles and VR has certainly took gaming in a new and innovative direction but, with the explosion of mobile gaming, in particular (iPads/Phones/Switch), many soft-co's have taken notice and are now developing/focusing on games that are simple yet fiendishly addictive.

It's an era of throwback and tbh, I'm quite happy about that. For all the bells and whistles that many of today's premier titles incorporate, it often adds nothing to the experience. It's style over substance and whilst the spectacular games will almost always remain enjoyable romps, gamers are now leaning towards the more simplistic and less expensive, yet sublimely playable games.

I buy and play anything that appeals to me and more choice can only be a good thing for gamers. These days, however, very few top tier titles offer anything new and given the choice between the likes of GoW, Spiderman, MHW or Dead Cells, Slay the Spire or Goragoa for instance, I know which I'd rather pay for and play.

I know it doesn't really answer your question as such but, I enjoy all games. I like new games and I like old games but, I probably prefer modern retro games because they are designed around the mechanics of what made the originals so damn good, but use modern technology to improve the gameplay by incorporating features that would have been impossible back in the day.
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i haven't bought a brand new release since the playstation/N64 days. for current gen (PS4 for me) i just wait, i've no interest in online play, so will hold off until they are below £20 or even bargain bucket below £10.

i've such a backlog of games i want to play stretching back to the Wii, i'm in no rush to get the latest games.


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Older games that I played in my childhood have that nostalgic feeling for me, like nothing new no matter what comes out, could be better. On the other hand, new games are sooo pretty to look at :)

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I actually think there is a untapped market in Android box media streamers. While lots of games in the play store. Non really target the Mali 400/450 and 1gb , 2gb boxes. There retro games or phone, tablet games, I just feel they could deliver more game wise. Doom, Hexen, Duke Nukem, Quake, Turok, Dungeon Master, Star Wars, Medal of honor etc. After all they can run Beach Buggy Racing, Riptide GP by Vector Unit


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I like old school and new games. Nothing beats that nostalgic feeling of playing a classic game you enjoy. But also new games with next gen graphics and gameplay is nice.


Name me 'old games' better than Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 and God of War (2018). Go ahead, i'm waiting.


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I like old school and new games. Nothing beats that nostalgic feeling of playing a classic game you enjoy. But also new games with next gen graphics and gameplay is nice.
It's pretty much the same with me. Man, going back to those World of Warcraft expansions...


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Can't beat the old school games, proper nostalgia when I play them. Reminds me of the good old days as a school kid, not a care in the world!


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Her story game is not old but it has a good story line. That doesn't mean I am saying old school games are not good. I think what matters the most is game should have good concept.


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Well it really depends.

Old games were simple, gaming overall wasn't that big since it was new thing and there were less issues with it in general. Still, there were lots of bad games back in a day.

Today people are mad on companies since they're trying to milk as much money as possible and that's true. Yet we still get really good games quite frequently. I think that monopolising in gaming industry made us long for the "good old times" and made an illusion that old games were better.

Also lots of people miss their youth and since they were playing older games back then it gives them that nostalgic feeling I guess.

To answer the question. I like new games better since there are so much more to them and they are getting so complex. Love older games too but I am just eager to see what will they manage to create in 10 or 20 years.


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I often boot up old games for a quick blast, take one look and think, yeah, it's nostalgia, best left in the past then don't bother again for months as they are never as good as I remember them. On the other hand it takes something quite special for me to get gripped by a game. The last one being AC Odyssey. I do think why with some genres such as racing, why play something 10 years old when I can play something more up to date?

Stockpile Thomas

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Name me 'old games' better than Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 and God of War (2018). Go ahead, i'm waiting.

Just as a random answer to your (tongue in cheek?) obviously provocative question, R-Type is better than GOW and I’ve played both.

However, there’s plenty of good games both old and new “skool“. I love the graphics, gameplay and storyline of, say, GTA V but also would happily get hours of enjoyment out of Mr Do or whatever.

Personally, as an older gamer, I’m actually starting to find many new AAA games are actually a bit too big these days. For example I was eagerly looking forward to Borderlands 3 but now I don’t know if I’ll have the time or inclination to finish It, whereas I was happy last night dipping into a quick blast of Sky Force and it only cost 8 quid.


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I bought a Mister FPGA Console a month ago, games just feel authentic which the PC & PI's just cant do, absolutely incredible bargain too. Now getting almost perfect Amiga, ST, Neo Geo, PCE, NES, SNES, Spectrum, Arcade, etc emulation just like the very expensive Analogue Devices. GBA announced last week, Sega CC this week :)

If you have any interest in 80's & 90's stuff then get one!


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I remember a flying game on my Atari STFM - F16 or something? Two floppy disks, & it was so great when I got a second floppy drive so I didn't need to swap :)

I'm old - to -medium old - school. Like Games where I play an AI. They may be dumb, or cheat, but the few online Games I occasionally play, well, it is so toxic out there I usually do not stay long.


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It is difficult to compare as i was so much younger with the older games so they seemed a lot more exciting. Games on the Amstrad with great concepts that the graphics could not manage so you used your imagination to fill in the gaps.

I did like the late 80s / early 90s when games could be made by one person or a small team and there were some really unusual stuff around. With modern games costing so much to make there is a bit of a 'committee' feel sometimes

I think back to games like Tomb Raider / Wipeout / Resident Evil on the PS1 and they were incredible at the time. They look terrible now but some of the ideas and the introduction of 3D was fantastic at the time.

Head over Heels / Bubble Bobble / SWOS / Goldeneye / Resident Evil (numerous versions) / Halo 2 / COD / Spiderman - all from different eras and loved them all. Every era has had great games and long may it continue.


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I'm lucky enough to straddle both sides of the argument. There are some amazing games out there at the minute but I will happily spend an hour or two playing Bubble Bobble or R-Type on my GPD XD. I guess it depends a lot on 'your' era. I grew up in the 80's in a seaside town so I had access to a lot of great arcade games.


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This really doesn't work without a definition of what we're going to consider an "old school" game. Each generation coming through is going to relate the games of their childhood the term "old school". For me, it was NES and the original GameBoy, although I did play some self programmed games on the BBC Micro. Here are my thoughts though:

1. They had a affordable price.

I play PC games mostly, so I may be a little skewed, but great "new school" games are being given away for free or are regularly heavily discounted. I picked up the amazing Subnautica on the epic store for free and steam sales put all sorts of games out for ludicrously cheap. Even on consoles, Xbox gives out free games every month with the live subscription. Sure, the launch price of some games is high, but it rarely stays at that for long. And as with all looking back at any old prices, remember to account for inflation.

2. You know company would release games every 6 months instead of 2-6 years.

I'm not sure that I agree that this was ever the case, but the reason for long development cycles now is often just pure practicalities here: higher fidelity graphics demand higher quality assets, which requires artists time. The structure of games companies is also very difference now, where there used to be giants like Sega and Nintendo churning out lots of different games, these group of developers are now separated into different studios.

3. The games actually back then had more challenge in them than newer games. I just think new games are too easy.

Have you played Dark Souls?

Also, difficulty is not in itself a good thing. I remember endlessly dying in Super Mario Bros because of the timing needed to jump past the fireball chains in Bowsers castle, this didn't make the game any more fun or rewarding. Games developers now pick the challenges better I think and control schemes are actually suited to the game mechanics (a games that tests how fast I can mash a button repeatedly is challenging, but IMHO not a good game).

4. I think new games are too busy with the graphics of a game than actual gameplay or story line (If the game has a story line off course)

Hate to say it, but this very much sounds like a "gumpy old man" line, and I don't believe it's true at all. There are more in depth and complex stories, with richer characters, and more hours of varied gameplay in modern titles than ever before. Sure, some games are equivalent to Michael Bay films, but just as the existence of the Transformers franchise doesn't reflect all of cinema, the likes of Call of Duty don't reflect all of the video games domain. We're in the middle of a resurgence of deep story driven isometric CRPGs (e.g. Pillars of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin), Low-Fi emergent gameplay mechanics driven sandboxes (e.g. Factorio), narrative driven action games (e.g. The Witcher 3) and really anything else you could want. The growth of the indie games development scene and the ease of putting them onto the market means that even niche titles that wouldn't be appealing to a major publisher are readily accessible to everyone.

The best example I can think of that reflects the positive difference between old school games design and "new school" is the unofficial remake of Theme Hospital: Two Point Hospital. The spruces up the graphics and adds some Quality of Life fixes that you'll honestly wonder how you played the original game without, all while maintaining the same gameplay and humour that made the original great.

TLDR - New School is standing on the shoulders of giants and doing a great job of building on the Old School legacy.

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Name me 'old games' better than Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 and God of War (2018). Go ahead, i'm waiting.

I'll throw a few out there without even having to try hard

Elite (and Frontier Elite 2)
Manic Miner
Sensible World of Soccer
Chase HQ
Speedball 2
F16 Falcon
Bubble Bobble (and Rainbow Islands)


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Well, I personally like to play old game boy advance games. I even had atari 2600 video game on which I used to play mario and contra :D Nowadays, I still use gba emulator on my android smartphone and add prince of persia the sands of time rom in it and ended it :D Other than this I used to playstation 1 and 2 also. Lion king, alladin, road rash, doom and many more games I had played all of them. Old games are classic. They were the best <3
New games, I have already played the old ones. But as there are so many more old games I likely spend more time playing them overall, but its not out of choice rather that there are not a enough new games out per year that I like.

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