Do you get used to the screen size?


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Hi, I would class myself as a hobbyist projector user.

I started off with a Sanyo PLV-Z3 onto a white wall. Then I purchased a Epson EH-TW5210 from these very forums and built a cheap 86 inch screen.

I always wanted a proper screen and managed to source a really nice one from eBay.

I had (up to this point) spent hours going through various websites about throw ratios, seating distance, etc...

But I had always wanted a 100inch screen (it was an itch I had to scratch) and to get a "proper" screen was too good an opportunity too turn down!

Now I love the screen and watched black widow on it the other day (those IMAX enhanced scenes...). The picture looked amazing! But I did feel myself darting my eyes around the image which left my eyes a little fatigued by the end.

Now this might be because I'm not used to the size as of yet, or because I was marvelling at my new screens beauty!

I sit (eye to screen) 2.6 meters away. Technically this is a bit too close, but I have too sit at least halfway (if not closer) in the cinema as otherwise I get headaches.

I don't want to try to source a smaller screen, so I guess I'm trying to ascertain if people have had a similar experience and got used to it?

Unfortunately I'm quite impulsive by nature and never give anything a chance to "workout"...


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I have a 150 inch screen and would like it bigger. I sit further away than you though. Either way yeah you’ll get used to it.


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You will get used to it, and eventually start thinking that "hmmm, I could have gotten a bigger one" :)

I have a 110" screen and sit approx 3m away - it seems perfectly normal now so stick with it 👍


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I still remember the days when I thought my 42" rear projection TV was A MONSTER of a screen 😄
Same, still have my first 'enormous' 42" Plasma around the place, a JVC. (cost a bloody fortune back then too!)


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I am used to a 150 16:9 screen and 165'' 2:35:1 screen to the extend I downsized to 155 and felt there was something missing today so re-jigged speakers about.

you get used to whatever size IMO. I think ultimately just do what you feel looks best.


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I went from an initial 80” to 92” to 100” and now 120” screens in my various setups and for the first couple of days it’s all great excitement about the increase in size but after a while it just becomes the new normal.

What I find now is that individual films or even parts of the films, the IMAX sequences of Mission Impossible: Fallout for example, will make me appreciate the size of the image I’m looking at.

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