Do you ever sell your HCPC's?


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I'm very interested in putting a hcpc together but after studying this forum for ages, I have come to the conclusion it may be easier to possibly buy one thats allready built and working and still acceptable by todays standards and spec.

So do you ever sell or just upgrade?

Maybe I should be in classifieds, but would like your input before placing a potential ad.




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If you do a search in the av for sale part of the forum, you'll see what comes up and how often...... they do from time to time.



Give Phil from UVEM a call, he certainly knows his stuff and is very helpful.

I am very happy with one of his systems, actually that's a bit of an understatement... im bloody amazed how good it is


Originally posted by Gordon @ Convergent AV
Of course, if private individuals are selling you might want to ask them why.....

chances are they will be going to one of your machines Gordon! You dont want someone asking why they are selling else the buyer wont buy and the seller will no longer be able to afford to buy from you!! :D



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Thanks guys.

My budget would be £500 max with all the goodies inc.

I would prefer of course to buy into my own problems rather than take on someone elses, but the minefield of recommendations here can be a bit bewildering.

I'm going to take a look at the Dell outlet for a bargain machine that I can add a few bits and pieces to. But still may place an ad in classifieds to see whats out there.


By the way Gordan... why did you sell yours?


Originally posted by Gordon @ Convergent AV
(unless the current owner says it works....)......
and all those dots mean!? :D sorry i really shouldnt post in here because i guess most everyone knows i dont much like pcs!

Id guess a DELL machine isnt a bad start if you dont want to go building too much, then add a sound card of decent origin and you're probably flying....... assuming of course you make sure to wipe the HD and reload (cos it likely has a whole loada crap on it).



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Looks like I hit a sore point there Gordon...didn't mean to dig up old memories ;)

You got a very good point there buns, thanks.

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