Do you create a separate folder for each movie?...


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Yet another dumbass newbie question I'm afraid. :D

Do you create a separate folder for each movie or just bung them all in one folder? I guess pros and cons are...

Separate folders...
Keeps all the subsidiary files with the main movie... .bmk, .metathumb, .xml etc, and thus easy to archive and move about.
One more level to navigate to get at the movie.

Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. :smashin:




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Yes you do.

You need seperate folders for meta-data and cover-art etc etc to be saved in by programmes like My Movies, which manage your collection.


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Depends on the player most of the ones still reliant on third party jukeboxes need a separate folder system but newer generation players do not like Boxee Box or Popcornhour A300. In Boxee's case you don't need any existing metadata at all and PCH-A300 will download jpg/nfo files matching to file name.


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Here is what each folder looks like. Sample folder for Iron Man:
G:\\My Movies\Bluray Movies\Iron Man

Inside the Iron Man folder looks like this:

G:\\My Movies\Bluray Movies\Iron Man\Iron Man.mkv
G:\\My Movies\Bluray Movies\Iron Man\Iron Man.xml
G:\\My Movies\Bluray Movies\Iron Man\Iron Man.jpg
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Most of the time I do have a folder per film, but not always. If I rip a group of films, say all the Harry Potters to ISO then I tend to put all of them together in a single folder. But if ripped as a BDMV folder structure then each film requires it's own folder.
I use Zappiti to generate my video wall and that does not require the individual folders as it uses it's own database to generate all the picture pages with links to the films. The exception to this is TV series as it does use the folder name to identify the program.



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And as I use My Movies, I do require a folder per disc. Honestly, you may as well work with a folder structure while you import or rip your discs. More flexible this way.


I wanted to use My Movies but im not taken with it. So Ill probably be taking all my video files out of their folders and just keeping them in one master folder. Like u say its easier to access the file.

Depends which program u want to use.


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Usually I download folders already where the .rar files are in. I think it is much easier this way and you have a better overview. Imagine having 1000 movies in a folder together with subtitles, covers, metadata and whatnot. It doesn't really save you a click either since in most media players you can just press 'play' on the folder. So for the sake of having it nicely sorted I would always use separate folders for movies :)



Programs like zappiti dont store files with your movies so there isnt a mess of files like you describe.

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