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Do X360 & PS3 Games Look Better On A Plasma HDTV?


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I want to buy my new HDTV this week and after seeing the Panasonic 42PZ80
and Sony 40W4000 side by side at my local dealership im trying to decide which one to buy.

As far as PQ goes both sets were stunning the sony had bright incredibly
crisp pictures, and the panasonic had rich colours, great blacks and fantastic
picture depth, but people have told me how PQ looks in a store can be completely
different setup in a home enviroment.

If i was only planning on using the TV for HDTV or Blu-Ray movies
i would get the panasonic in a heart beat as trasformers for instance
looked far better than on the sony.

I will be using the TV for the above sources but i also plan on connecting
my X360 and PS3 too but unfortunately i haven't seen any HD gaming footage on a plasma before.

I know that plasma's can suffer from image retention and phosphor trailing
and LCD'S can suffer from motion problems, clouding and in sony's case backlight bleeding but forgetting
about these issues what about the PQ.

So does anyone know as far as PQ goes how will the X360 & PS3
games look on the panasonic compared to the sony and how do games look on plasma's
in general compared to LCD's?



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Id say games can look a little sharper on a lcd,but for me if its mixed viewing id go for plasma any day.:smashin:


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I have both ps3 and 360 and the picture is stunning on my PZ85,you will get a more natural picture on the plasma than the lcd and if your a movie lover than it has to be a plasma.


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Gaming on a plasma is glorious, LCD's may be sharper but they also don't handle movement very well i.e. They lose resolution when panning which I find very distracting but with plasma you get nice smooth motion with no loss of resolution.

Add to that all the other benefits e.g. Shadow detail, black levels, colour reproduction and its plasma everytime for me.
Be sensible with it and retention shouldn't be a problem. Good luck:)


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I think the above comments on picture quality re Plasma vs LCD are probably on the whole true. Deeper blacks and a softer picture more filmic quality with Plasma.
However with regards to motion and the new bravia 4500 series I've heard a lot of these issues have been resolved.

When you consider gaming activities there is always the looming specter of image retention, especially when you consider health/status bars and various other icons that can be permanently on screen in the same position.
If you are careful during the run in period (first 200hrs or so) this should be less of an issue. However if you are prone to bouts of gaming activity that might see you thrashing your thumbs for 3 hours or more on a Sunday afternoon whilst the rain drizzles down outside, this may be a problem for plasma. On some occasions you may want the sharp picture of the LCD as you may be lining up a sniper shot through a scope and want crisp detail to assist. The CGI in console games may lend itself more to being displayed on an LCD screen as it's origins are based in the artificial world.

If you have the option consider a HD projector and screen, this could enhance your gaming and movie experience considerably.

As always the best advice is consistently the same if at all possible organise a demo with the PS3/Xbox360. Once you see the options with your own eyes your personal preference should guide you to your decision.

Just my tuppence worth, either way good luck with your decision.
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