Do we need a DVD recorder or PVR box with Sky plus? (Newbie)


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Here is the setup

Room 1 - LCD 32" Panasonic TV with Sky HD box
Room 2 - 42" Panasonic plasma with sky normal box.

Reason why room 2 only has a normal sky box is because we cannot get the second cable to it so it has to make do.

A sub question is that if anyone knows if there is a video sender good enough to send the HD signal through a heated floor from Room 1 into Room2? Probably better for anotehr thread.

Important questions are what type of DVD player / recorded should we get.

I'm out of touch as to what is out there, I hear about blue ray/ PVRs etc. but considering what we already have, what should be getting. Perhaps a DVD recorded / PVR for room 2. But do we need that in Room 1 with Sky HD. Can a DVD recorded record from a Sky HD box?

Are blueray DVD's actually available to hire?
Can one record to and playback on Blueray format?

Any good concise information on these subjects are appreciated.


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No consumer (living room) DVD recorders record and reproduce an HD image. As far as I am aware even building your own PVR would not offer a solution but that question is best asked of the PVR thread.

DVD recorders may OUTPUT a HDMI or Component signal but that is upsizing an AD image. There is no HD input at HD resolutions. They can record an image output by a scart on either of your Sky boxes in RGB.

If you are running out of space on your Sky HD you might try to find an upgrade, I have not had a look inside but I know it comes with a 300gb disk, half of which is reserved by Sky. The HD signal uses 4x as much as an AD signal so you have effectively paid for a 40gb disk. (Ouch!)

This is the price paid by early adopters.

The second room can have an SD sky plus with one cable but you can only record what you watch as the timer always defaults to the second cable. You can fool this by scheduling another program on the other side but life is too short.


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Ok great. Thanks for input.
If we go for a normal HD recoreded on the normal sky box, can that act like Sky plus for the normal sky?

Therefore can you watch one program and record another?


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It is not quite as flexible or user friendly but you can achieve the same things. For instance I have a Panasonic ex-75 (new model in may called ex-77) also checkout Sony and Pioneer.

I have attached the Sky's TV scart (because it is the only RGB) to the DVD recorder). I can use the internal freeview to record channels like More4 and E4 while I watch Sky but I can't record sky and vice versa AS LONG AS I do it by timer. This is not as instant as Sky but quite usable.

I can also watch freeview or something recorded on the DVD hard disk while I burn in High Speed mode.

Do Sky count the HD subscription as a Sky+ install, if so then you could pick up a Sky+ box off ebay, add a big disk and use that as your backup system. Otherwise it is best to get your FIRST Sky+ box from Sky (they will also do the cabling as part of the install and replace the LNB).

The DVD recorders with hard disks are getting there but they tend to operate as a DVD recorder with the Hard disk added on. It will take several years before they are as good as Sky+ because they all have their own EPG where Sky+ has an integrated EPG. I can't see Sky bringing out their own DVD recorder or working with anyone on this.


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right right rihgt. I never relasied that we still could have the Sky HD box with only one cable.

the fact that we would not be able to record a different channel is not the end of the world (we wuld have that faiclty downstairs).

But now we will go for two Sky HD boxes so both screens enjoy the high quality.

When we need to record a different channel we always have downstairs.

th only additional we need after that are the faciltiy to play (al least) standard DVd's. Probably won't bother with the bluray for now too early and can add later.
Not even need for a DVD recorded with the Sky HD in both rooms.

On the actual TV front people are saying we should go for the Pioneer instead of the Panasonic, but we will see on this.


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I would not waste more money on another Sky HD unless you have it to burn.

I would consider spending £39 on a Sigmatek PLAYER with HDMI port as the longer you wait for DVD HD recorder the more the prices will fall. This model has a USB port and can play DIVX material downloaded from the net. It also has the usual SD card port for photos etc.


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