do video capture cards have audio inputs aswell


Alex Simon

Some do and some don't.
Many of the ones with tuners, also include audio inputs, but not all.
If they don't have them, the capture software can sync the audio from your sound card's inputs.
Check the software for this.
This seems to work better than you might think.

Hope that helps


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cheers alex i was just wondering because my dad is wanting to back up his old vhs to dvd and was wondering how the sound would get on.


Actually almost every card I've seen uses your PC sound card line in to record the sound ?! Some have their own connectors but they normally loop into your line in.


I've got a real time DV capture card that also has analogue inputs. This has its own break out box with all connections, but even on this expensive card the audio is looped to the line-in on my soundcard. As stated above I think this is the normal rather than a cheaper work-around.



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ok thanks for your replys. i thought thats what you had to do but i just wonderd if they did

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