Do upscaling DVD Players benefit S-Video output quality?

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I'm relatively new to this forum, so apologies if this has been asked in the past.

On my current setup, I have a standard definition DVD player hooked upto my Toshiba 48-inch CRT Rear Projection TV via 4-pin S-Video. I am extremely impressed with the quality and sharpness of the picture. But would I notice an improvement if I bought an upscaling DVD Player and hooked it up the same way? Or does upscaling only benefit component signals? (My TV has only 4-pin S-Video, SCART, and RCA Composite connections, no Component).



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SVideo will only carry standard definition TV. Any upscaling in your source will have its output limited to HD MI and/or component. And in any case, whatever the upscaled resolution is - your TV will need to be able to handle it. Can it?


Upscale only works with HDMI cable and will upscale from 480-720. (If your tv is HD ready 768p) If you have a 1080p television, it will obviously upscale to 1080p

Thats the way i understand it anyway.


Upscaling also works via Component.
If you're using S-video and a standard TV then upscaling features will not be used, even if you use SCART RGB.

I doubt you'll notice difference between a Toshiba DVD player that's a few generations old, to a new Oppo 981 with SCART RGB.

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