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Do TTTV custs get 24meg BB too?


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Hi - have been able to sign up for TT TV evening and weekend package as seems my exchange is enabled - had to do it online though since their call centre denied a TV product exists.

The TV website says you get 8meg broadband as part of the package, but then other articles on the web say all TalkTalk customers were recently upgraded to 24.

So could someone with a TV service please confirm?

And can anyone suggest what wireless router TT are handing out to new customers these days? Ta all.

Charnwood Fox

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We are on TTTV, anytime phone and broadband.

We have been told that we are not yet on the right equipment at the exchange for 24 meg, even though Tiscali claim to have put us on "Next Generation" equipment just before TT took over. We are still on "up to" 8 meg.

Be advised that, although TTTV is a good service, the TTTV+ PVR HDD box can be unreliable, to say the least. We've just reverted back to the standard box.

The new router fitted 4 weeks ago when we has the plus box fitted is a Thomson TG585 v7.
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In case anyone is interested in the outcome of this - I got 8meg too which is fair enough, thats what they say in their marketing literature.

Switchover from BT happened this morning at 6am. I would have been upset if I didn't have my own ISP unlocked router since the TT one wont arrive until next week with the engineer when he comes to install the + box I believe.

Only other irk has been the Tiscali/TalkTalk corporate disconnect. They're still 2 separate companies and so when I called TT to check the status of my order the over-eager sales chap ordered me a whole new eve&weekend broadband and phone package (without the TV package which TT advisors still deny exists :laugh:) which could have scuppered the whole switchover. Took me an hour to rectify that balls up!

Anyway - what I need to sort now is a decent Freeview aerial installation. If there are any recommendations for North London installers I'd be very grateful.

Charnwood Fox

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We had the TalkTalk+ box removed as it was too unreliable. Too many failed recordings due to "Stream unavailable".

Stream, you might think, means via the internet. Not so, as all recordings done via the internet through the ethernet connection with the co-ax plug disconnected worked.
When the box decided to record via Terestrial broadcast aerial when connected over 50% resulted in a fail.

I would not recommend the TT+ box to anyone. It is not even worth the £50 it costs to upgrade from their standard box. It took 3 boxes and 2 engineers to get us up and running. 3 weeks later TT were back to take it away!

We now have a Humax PVR9300. Excellent bit of kit!!

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