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Do they make VHS tapes were you can insert mini tape ??

Discussion in 'Camcorders & Video Editing Forum' started by jamieuk23, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. jamieuk23

    jamieuk23 Banned

    Oct 25, 2004
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    Hi sorry if this is a bit confusing but I have around 10 min tapes that you put inside your average camcorder, with loads of family memories on them.

    I no longer have a camcorder to be able to link to my PC using a USB lead, so I am just left with all the min tapes.

    I remember years a go there was a special VHS tape that had a flip top lid on it, and all you would have to do was put the mini tape inside and then just put the VHS tape inside a VHS player and you could watch it.

    my aim is to convert the mini VHS tapes to DVD video. so my plan would be to use this special VHS tape with flip top lid - if there is still such a thing >> then hook my VHS player up to my DVD recorder and record the from the VHS tape >>> bobs ya uncle.!!

    any 1 got any ideas if there is such a thing as this special flip top lid VHS tape ???

    or no of a better way for me to back the min VHS tapes up ??
  2. Brian110507

    Brian110507 Guest

    Assuming that by mini VHS you actually mean VHS-C cassettes then YES you can still get adapters - not "tapes" but a VHS size tape box which you actually put the VHS-C cassette inside , and then put the whole thing inside a standard VHS VCR which you then could indeed connect to your DVD recorder.

    Have a look here :-

    but if by mini tapes you mean mini-dv then NO - sorry can't be done at all

  3. MarkE19

    MarkE19 Moderator

    Aug 10, 2002
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    Rainham Essex
    As mentioned by Beejaycee you can get an adapter to play the VHS-C tapes in a standard VHS VCR. SVHS-C tapes can also be played with the adapter in an S-VHS VCR.
    No other tape formats can be played directly in a VCR in this way as they are recorded on a different sized tape and in a different format that is not compatable with a VHS VCR.


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