Do these work?


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Yep, just like the WA attachment for a Canon G9. Wouldn't put too much stock in the results though..... :)


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Depends what you want really. If you're happy with 'a' image then they do the job, but if you want something that doesn't look like it was taken with something from a Christmas cracker then you might want to look elsewhere. ;)


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I've handled one before, though I believe it was a little bit more expensive so can't vouch for that particular brand. Anyway, they are okay for a bit of fun. They kinda emulate the really bad fish eyes of yesteryear (not full frame and not that wide)

Sharpeness is generally awful (non existant towards the edges) and it's hard to get focus/metering right. Chromatic aberration is out of this world horrible.

But y'know. In the right light, with enough PP, and enough time and effort you may be able to get a few okay pictures that emulate an old style fish eye shot. Money well spent? You decide!


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Highly unlikely that they will be much good, particularly at the price. But..... I haven't actually used one so can't really say for sure ;).


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I was predominantly looking at it for the wide angle stuff, are you saying the images would be forced & of poor quality?

Having never used one I can't give hands on advice but having done a google for some sample images I would say the results don't look half as good as the image a proper wide angle lens will give you.

If you have a xx0D or x0D and you want wide I would be more included to look at the Canon 10-22 lens which is not very expensive (relative) or for a general walkabout very little beats the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 on IQ.

I learned a long time ago in photography, if you are after a proper result then you need a proper lens for the job, hence my big collection of L primes! :D

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