Do these settings look ok (LG C1 OLED)


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Hi all,

Got a LG C1 on it's way to me and am trying to get the best settings ready for when it arrives, been gathering lots of info and have come up with the following:

NOTE: The t.v will be solely used for gaming on my Xbox Series X and maybe a bit of Netflix now and again.

If someone can have a look at the following settings and see if it all looks ok or if there is any changes you would make would be much appreciated.

Sorry that it looks like a wall of text:


Turn off AMD Freesync to allow Dolby Vision
Turn off Energy Saving Mode
Turn off LG logo when turning on
Turn off Home Auto Launch
Turn off Home Promotion

Picture/Advanced Settings/Brightness: OLED Pixel Brightness (75)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Ajust Contrast (85)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Screen Brightness (50)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Auto Dynamic Contrast (Off)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Peak Brightness (Off)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Gamma Adjust Brightness (BT.1886)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Black Level (Low)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Motion Eye Care (Off)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Colour: Colour Depth (55)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Colour: Tint (0)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Colour: White Balance Colour Temperture (Warm 50)
Picture/Advanced Settings/Clarity: Adjust Sharpness (0)

Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Brightness: OLED Pixel Brightness (100)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Adjust Contrast (100)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Screen Brightness (50)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Brightness: HDR Tone Mapping (HGIG)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Black Level (Low)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Brightness: Motion Eye Care (Off)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Colour: Colour Depth (55)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Colour: Tint (0)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Colour: White Balance Colour Temperture (Warm 50)
Game Optimizer/Advanced Settings/Clarity: Adjust Sharpness (0)
Game Optimizer: Game Genre (Standard)
Game Optimizer: Black Stabiliser (10)
Game Optimizer: White Stabiliser (10)
Game Optimizer: OLED Motion Pro (Off)
Game Optimizer: Reduce Blue Light (Off)
Game Optimizer: Prevent Input Delay (Boost)
Game Optimizer: Game Dashboard (On)
Game Optimizer: AI Game Sound (On)


General TV & Display Options

General TV & Display Options/Display: Resolution (4k UHD)
General TV & Display Options/Display: Refresh Rate (120Hz)
General TV & Display Options/Setup: Calibrate HDR for Games (Run Setup)
General TV & Display Options/Advanced/Video Modes:
Allow 50Hz (Yes)
Allow 24Hz (Yes)
Allow auto low-latency mode (Yes)
Allow variable refresh rate (Yes)
Allow YCC 4:2:2 (No)
Allow 4K (Yes)
Allow HDR10 (Yes)
Auto HDR (Yes)
Allow Dolby Vision (Yes)




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hi...i have found the xbox does crush black levels a perhaps gamma at 2.2 may be better?..i even had to raise the black level via the white balance to get it looking ok.....
or you could change the game optimizer setting to fps to get a bit more shadow detail?


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Vincent did a video on it but for the CX which is pretty much the C1, might be worth checking it out:-

also done it for ps5, which may offer some idea:


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