do the rear speaker have to be behind? is in line with ears ok?


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Ok I still havent set up properly my AIO, Samsung TX35r, hopefull y this w/end!

anyway, the rear speaker placement, do they have to be behind you? its just I have my settee and there more goning to be level slightly in front of the side of the settee.

Its the only place I can get them really as the room has changed now.

here's a pic to sort of show you, as I say the rears will be in line maybe about 1 foot in front of my ears, is this ok, or do they HAVE to be behind?

any advice please, I've bought some LCD/Plasma what LCD etc magazines but they dont really help.

ALso whats the best way to tidy/hide wires behind my TV?



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I've wondered this too myself.

In my Yamaha manual for my amp, it shows the speakers at the sides of the couch, my guess is, it is fine, but you may want to increase the delay of the rears as you dont want to hear the sound too quickly compared to the time it takes the sound from the front speakers to reach your ears.



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the diagram on there for 5.1 shows the rear speakers slighly behind the "Settee" as I thought, mine will be right to the left and right to either side of the settee, as the settee is against the wall too

Just read this on the Samsung site about the TX35r
""Rear Speakers
Place these speakers behind your listening position.
If there isn't enough room, place these speakers so they face each other.
Place them about 60 to 90cm (2 to 3feet) above your ear,facing slightly downward""

does this mean either side of you? its a bit cryptic

anymore help please?


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Thats how mine are and Im happy with it. The text on the Dolby link does say that you can be flexible, not everyone has the perfect room.

Does it sound good to you?

Can you explain or draw how yours is please?

Where exactly are your rear speakers? beside you/slightly in front?

this would help



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I've put mine on the side walls, slightly further to the rear than head position, but about 2 ft higher, facing each other, angled slightly down.

System is 5.1, sounds perfect and i'm sure i read / was told this is how speakers in a 5.1 system should be positioned, as they are treated as 'surrounds' and not 'rears'.

I'll try to think where i heard this from, in the meantime this may help?


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I have tall boys and so was hoping not to mount them on the wall, and just leave them free standing, as I say sitting on the settee will leave them at head height, facing each other, put at right angles to my head - is this ok?

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