Do TECHTRONICS still hold the upper hand with m/region conversions?


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a strange question this, as I have noticed that most of you buy your M/Region DVD players from other firms.

Techtronics have long boasted about inferior conversions by other on-line retailers...for example (and the most concern to me) RGB disabled, no VCR mode, missing setup parameters etc.

Is this now simply not true? I know very early conversions had bad side affects...

Im interested in ordering a Tosh 520 from either leconcepts or richersounds.

How do they rate in the conversion stakes? Are they modifying them with their own mod, or do they buy and use the same chips as Techtronics

Your input is greatly received




Most of the players bought from HC companies have had a software download modification, I think this involves putting a cd in to convert it to multiregion and making it RCE compatable.

The majority of players bought from supermarkets if not already multiregion off the shelf tend to be or can normally be converted to multiregion via a remote hack.

I think it was the older players that had to be modified by chipping. No doubt there will still be some players out there that will have to be modified via a chip.

I have just bought the 520 from leconcepts and has played everything thrown at it, R1, R2 and R4, also a couple of RCE discs which had been reported as problem discs with certain players.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the service I received from leconcepts was second to none, ordered the player at lunchtime and was delivered to me by 10:40 the next day.


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In principle I will not deal with Techtronics again. I bought a DIY chip mod from them a yaer ago, they acknowledged receipt of payment, but I'm still waiting for the chip. I've complained several times by e-mail and they never give a reasonable response. I've tried phoning them when I was last in the UK but no one answers. I left messages on the phone but got no reply. I've demanded a refund if they are unable to deliver the goods and have had no response.


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I had problems when i tried to order previously from Techtronic's so i chose to go somewhere else.

I am about to upgrade myself to a Tosh SD520 and have found the cheapest places to be and though i have never used either myself


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Had my sony 725 dvd player chipped from them when i bought it from RS about 2.5 yrs ago... Only problem I had was that one of the features listed on the player was the ability to freeze images and use them as the screensaver - this never worked, but it wasn't a major issue! Other than that, it's never had a problem playing any discs, although i don't own any rce discs

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I bought a Sony player from Techtronics which had been multi-region modified. It's been superb so far but the best bit is the extras that came with the mod, such as user prohibitions disabled (means I can skip through the FBI warning logos, jump wherever I want whenever I want, change soundtracks at any point, etc - I'm not limited by the DVD :)) and macrovision disabled. It's a hardware mod so I didn't have to worry about them using a hacked previous release of firmware either.

I won't comment on their customer service as that's another matter entirely.


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Originally posted by skcollob
....So if you are looking to buy a new player and want it with all the extra upgrades such as Macrovision disable and manual switching then you may consider Techtronics BUT according to various forums you will run into problems if you need backup from them in event of failure.

I would disagree on this point of "extra upgades" from techtronics as they are now only offering a macrovision stripping cable in place of the internal macrovision disable chip on many players. e.g SONY 705/905 Pioneer 454 etc. Incidently these are all the new players launched this autumn by the various manufacturers....has something changed?

IMO theres no USP left in the Techtronics offering or any real reason for an extra price hike on their "superior mods". Therefore from my understanding Techtronics no longer have the upper hand and you might as well get your upgrades done through as mentioned or buy the SD-520E from the likes of or


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I have dealt with Techtronics twice and their customer service is terrible, if i want a pre modded player now i use they are very helpful and deliver fast .

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I would say NEVER buy straight from Techtronics,
I bought a THX DVD player and when it arrived it had all sorts of problems,
Of course Techtronics didn't want to know, they had my money so they couldn't care less, unfortunately they are well known for this.
It's alright if your unit works, but a nightmare if not.

As it happens I took the player to my local Hi-Fi repairer and fortunately it was able to be sorted (but it turns out when Techtronics discovered there was a problem with the player rather than sort it out they had bodged the player to make it seem like it was working properly,
The result: all the outputs only put out composite signals, even for the component output, and stereo outputs levels were wildly different).
Buyer beware,


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